5 independent and easy-to-learn careers

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5 independent and easy-to-learn careers
5 independent and easy-to-learn careers

Getting started in freelance work is not always easy. The truth is that some of the most sought after independent skills are highly technical. A quick search for the requirements of Upwork, a freelance work platform, could lead you to step back and plan to trace your entire career path.

However, there are several options that don’t require a four-year degree, advanced software knowledge, development, or a long period of trial and error before your system works properly. Here are five independent side adventures that you can immerse yourself in. They all have a minimal learning curve.

Editing / correction

If you’ve always loved grammar, spelling, and fluent writing, some books and some online courses may offer you what you need to work as a proofreader. Proofreaders tend to look for obvious copy and punctuation errors, while editors can run the gamut from easy editing to complex editing.

You can decide in which area of ​​this spectrum you want to stay. In either case, you can help companies or individuals proofread if you have a keen eye for good writing and error detection. Almost everyone, from nonprofits to solopreneurs to bloggers, needs help with additional eyes.

Ask a friend if there is a project where you can help for free or at a reduced price to include this piece in your portfolio. Change control in Word works well to illustrate your changes.

Virtual support

If you’ve always been good at staying organized and tackling administrative projects, you can offer your services as a virtual assistant. It works much like a real administrator assistant, except that the job is done entirely online. Commonly requested skills include data entry, reporting, email and calendar management, and file organization.

When so many companies turn up online, many will be highly successful if the owner looks for ways to shift administrative tasks. This is the perfect storm for virtual assistants who may just need to familiarize themselves with some software programs to stay up to date.

Focus on your ability to work on small and large projects and take the stress out of other people.

management social networks

There are many freelance jobs that work as generalists in social media, as well as those that focus on specific channels like Pinterest. If you want to find out how to optimize these channels for your personal use, this is a great opportunity to get more information.

What makes this field so powerful is that more and more companies are recognizing the importance of an organic social media strategy and do not have the interest or time to keep up to date with trends and best practices. This is where you come in, the guru of social networks.


Write content

In fairness, it can take a bit of work to figure out the strategy behind different types of writing projects. However, if you’ve always loved to write, consider learning copy sales, technical writing, SEO, or article writing as a roadmap to clearly exchange concepts. Good writing skills can be improved by teaching some of these other strategies and by practicing. Starting your own freelance writing company can be a very satisfactory business that will keep you busy as a part-time or full-time company.

Content authors are in high demand due to the volume of online material that most companies publish on their website, in email newsletters and on social channels. If you have extensive experience in a niche or industry, you can rely on it to get started as a content writer.

Customer service

Do you love helping people have great experiences with online or physical products and services? Given the growing popularity of online and printable courses, many business owners need customer service support to scale. If you want to keep an eye on all the details and develop systems, you can rely on a lot of experience in offline customer service in the online area. When interviewing, focus on your problem-solving ability with a happy attitude.

Online Udemy courses, podcasts, and books that highlight independent experiences can help you build the foundation you need to work independently.

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