5 Hard Sacrifices You Must Make To Become a Successful Teenage

A 19 year old entrepreneur discusses what it takes to be successful.

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5 Hard Sacrifices You Must Make To Become a Successful Teenage
5 Hard Sacrifices You Must Make To Become a Successful Teenage

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  • Hang out with friends and family less.
  • Failing to fulfill parents’ dreams.
  • Your health and wellbeing.
  • Less mental freedom.
  • Fewer ways to play around and have fun.

I am 19 years old and started a company on-line of 1 million pounds (approximately 26,950,560 Mexican pesos). I’ve learned that it takes some painful sacrifices to get there. Here are 5 tips I want to share with any other young person who dreams of starting their own business or just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

1. Sociable with friends and family

One of the biggest downsides to becoming a teenage entrepreneur is you lose the ability to socialize. It’s not that you’re running out of time (although that can be a factor). It is that your entire outlook on life and perspective will change. I used to meet up with friends from school to play computer games and talk about nonsense, school gossip or girls, but as I started my business I gained new interests and became more aware of more important topics like ideas of the world, climate change, politics . I find it difficult to relate to people my age, and I find that a lot of my friends are older, in their 30s.

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As an entrepreneur, your perspective changes and you think differently from other people. I’ve spoken to other entrepreneurs about this and they say the same about how many times they feel alienated in their own minds. You lose the ability to talk about everyday things and feel unable to relate to friends and family as you used to. It can be a lonely existence.

2. Failure to fulfill parents’ dreams

I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a teenage millionaire while still in school. I left the training at the age of 17 and left without a high school diploma. I’ve always been a smart boy, and my mother aspired to be the first in our family to graduate from college. She always dreamed that I would graduate, get a fantastic job, and then settle down and start a family. In pursuing my entrepreneurial dream so early on, I had to sacrifice my education, but I don’t regret it because school didn’t teach me what I needed to know to be successful in business. But I sacrificed part of my mother’s dream and that is my only regret.

3. Your health and wellbeing

This is the only thing that is absolutely vital to success, and you cannot be a successful entrepreneur without a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, it is often what you set aside or forget when things take over. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time playing computer games when I started working YoutubeI spent a lot of time each day sitting in front of a screen, to the detriment of my health. I was overweight and lacking confidence in myself, but when my business started I felt better and exercised. As I lost weight and got in shape, I felt better, which was reflected in my work and vice versa. Now I know that health has to be number one and healthy minds and bodies are essential to success in business, regardless of the industry.

4. Less mental freedom

I’m sure this goes for a lot of workers, but it gets worse when you are an entrepreneur. To be successful, you need to invest 100% in your business. This means that the line between work and personal life is blurred or seldom exists. I keep thinking about what to do, or what tasks to do, or what form to fill out. I spend all of my time thinking about work, sometimes to the detriment of my personal life, which can be especially difficult for a teenager.

5. Less opportunities to play around and have fun

Image: Yuvraj Sachdeva via Unsplash

I miss the vibrant social life that other standard teenagers have. I’m busy with my business and I think I’ve grown faster than other people my age. Along with a busy social life, I missed the nonsense and mistakes others made when they were young. If you are a teenager this should be the time to try new things and do stupid things at times. And while I don’t regret doing some of these things, I know I’ve gotten more level-headed than I should be. I still have fun and done fun things other teenagers can only dream of like driving my Porsche through the mountains of California. But since I now think differently from many people my age, I have the feeling that I can no longer participate as I used to.

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