5 habits that made me a millionaire when I was 25

You don’t need superpowers to become millionaire. Trust me, I became one of the ages 25 years and I started from very humble beginnings. As a teenager, I began studying wealthy people – their behavior and what made them more successful than other people.

I found patterns and started change my habits in order to line up with the millionaires, later a “Homemade Millionaire”.

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5 habits that made me a millionaire when I was 25
5 habits that made me a millionaire when I was 25

These are the Five top habits millionaires share:

1. Look at the good side of every situation

When bad things happen, you can see the best and stay positive, or let it get you down and distract you from your goals. Being positive is a choice and it becomes a habit. As a real estate investor, I am always looking for lucrative investment opportunities. When the market collapses, most people get very negative at the idea of ​​investing and wait for it to recover.

This is not how millionaires behave in the event of a “crash”: They see the best and find the cheapest deals. Likewise, negative people are skeptical about a boom and believe it won’t last, so they don’t do anything. I see the opportunity again and buy an uptrend.

This not only applies to investing, but also when you see the best in people. The rich get rich because Focus on solutions rather than problems. When you see the best in every situation, you usually get the best results.

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2. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions

Most people spend their entire lives repressing their dreams because of You are afraid of being judged For other people. When I started shopping property and I became a full-time real estate entrepreneur, there were a lot of old friends from school and even family who thought I was crazy. They asked me why I don’t have a “suitable job” and warned me of all the risks involved. ship.

I thought if I started making good money, everyone would see the light and cheer me on. Unfortunately, even though they had proven my business was successful, many friends still judged me and said I was too “worried about money” now.

If your friends judge you, how much more will your enemies judge you? To become a millionaire, I had to vacate tenants, lay off employees and take away my competitors’ business. This has led people to say far worse things to me than “greedy”. Sometimes you have to be tough in business. You are not going to make millions trying to please everyone all the time.

3. love what you do

There is no quick way to become a millionaire. You have to devote time and energy to it. When I started real estate, I worked 100+ hours a week and lost a few months of money. If I hadn’t enjoyed the job it would have been unbearable, but Since he loved what he was doing, he didn’t even feel like he was working. I could spend every hour possible touring properties, negotiating deals, and turning rundown buildings into beautiful homes for people to enjoy.

While this profession can be extremely lucrative, I loved learning and immersing myself in the industry. I used other people’s money to do it and the feeling of building my own empire was really addicting.

I don’t think you can make millions without being addicted to your business and loving what you do. It is important to choose a job that you are passionate about. So work will be a regular pleasure and you won’t get burned out trying to get rich.

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4. Always replace yourself

You need to find people to manage the day-to-day operations of your business so you have time to scale into the millions. After a few years as an entrepreneur, I did everything myself, from looking for the property to renovating and managing the tenants to accounting.

By the time he had six properties it had become almost a full-time job just to keep what he had already built. It was then that I was replaced by team membersto free up my time. After I systematized the business, I didn’t sit back and enjoyed the passive income: I actively grew the company.

You will never become a millionaire without a good team around you, and you can only do that by learning this Habit of substituting for yourself. This means systematize everything you do and later train others to get your job done. You can replicate this process until your company makes millions.

5. Practice gratitude

Make a habit of being thankful for all the good things in your company and in your life. When you do this, in an almost magical way, more and more More good things will keep getting in your way. Gratitude also puts you in a good mood, and it’s much more pleasant to be around you.

I noticed that many of my commercial competitors spoke derogatory about their tenants. They jokingly said they were “allergic” to the tenants. That surprised me because their tenants were the same people who paid for their luxurious lifestyle. I chose one grateful attitude to my tenants, which resulted in them staying in my properties for much longer and paying their rent promptly. A small gift for Christmas would go a long way, and my gratitude habit spread to all aspects of my business.

I didn’t just notice that I was a lot happier, but also My clients have been loyal and my The staff was happy to work harder. Gratitude is a habit that all successful business owners must learn.

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