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5 ‘good tips’ that actually hold you back

May 31, 2020

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5 ‘good tips’ that actually hold you back5 ‘good tips’ that actually hold you back

If we get one adviceYou always have to be grateful that someone takes the time to do it. Just because they give us advice does not mean that we have to apply them or that it is a good piece of wisdom.

It makes no sense that we believe what they have told us is good because someone has acted selflessly and in good faith to advise us recommendation.

Just as there are good and bad people, clever and stupid people, there are good, bad, clever and stupid tips.

When I thought about it a little better, I decided to make a list of the five worst tips I received, or if they were applied, they weren’t as good in my case:

1. “If you dream it, you will achieve it”. Some say that dreamers are the ones who take over the world and that people who do not lose the ability to dream are the ones who achieve everything they set out to do … nothing wrong. Staying forever is one of the reasons why people never achieve what they set out to do. They think that these dreams will become reality if they only project ideal scenarios in their heads and are optimistic.

Royal Council: The world does not belong to dreamers, the world belongs to executors. Use the 90% – 10% rule to learn how to make these dreams come true in your head. Most people spend 90% of their time dreaming and 10% of their time performing. Start reversing this trend: in the end, you should dream 10% of your time and the other 90% should be used to plan and execute those dreams.

2. “The success of a company is to know how to sell its product and how to do marketing. Focus on learning how to sell and how to do marketing. “ This is good advice, but only in part. The problem for most people who follow this advice is that they forget other things that are more important and that need to be developed before marketing and sales strategies are applied.

Thanks to the Internet, sales channels are becoming increasingly democratic, and it is becoming cheaper and easier to access various marketing tools to promote products or services.

Because of the ease with which we can now use and control all of the various sales and marketing channels, we forget the true meaning and purpose of selling a product or service: solving a problem for people or other companies. The value of this product or service is measured by how much value it generates for other people or companies.

Royal Council: There is no point in having a perfect sales and marketing strategy if the product or service you offer is crap and doesn’t solve a problem, or if it makes life easier or more fun for people. Back to the basics: create a product or service that people love and are willing to pay for.

Once you have the product and understand why you did it (which problem you will solve), you can now focus on the sales and marketing strategy.

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming one of those social media “gurus” who sell everything from financial literacy courses to miraculous medical devices that even promise to cure cancer. “Don’t sell smoke,” don’t focus on gaining social network followers and promoting a product or service that doesn’t deliver.

3. “Think big and aim for the stars.” This tip is a classic. People always combine success with monumental projects and executions. For some reason now the only valid and respectable thing is the “macro”, the big thing.

We gradually lost the ability to be proud of small successes and small actions. We can think big, but we can’t make it big. There is a huge gap between what people want to do and what they want to do. They know how to dream, but then they stagnate and freak out when they try to start.

When we realize that dreaming is much easier than doing it, fear enters us and we give up all the projects and ideas that we wanted to do. We plunge into reality and realize that “thinking big” is not good advice, but we do know how to make it happen and carry it out.

Royal Council: Keep thinking big, but take the trouble to break your thoughts into small steps that are much easier to do.

4. “You have to leave it to the professionals.” Another major obstacle that people never dare to do what they want is that they are afraid they are not ready to do it. It’s strange, we forget that the preparation is done through experience: do it, make mistakes, do it again. And to make matters worse, we use the excuse that if we’re not prepared enough, we should leave it to someone else, a professional, to do it.

In reality, this often works the other way round: Whoever is considered an expert or professional does not necessarily have to study or pursue a career at a university, but one day because he has dared to do so and has acquired skills and abilities through constant practice Point that they now consider him professional.

Royal Council: You shouldn’t be afraid of the terms and areas with which people refer to someone: expert, professional, teacher, etc. If you want to do something, it is not a problem to try it out, and by trying it out you learn how to deal with yourself constantly can improve.

I am not a professional author and I have no idea what I am doing with this blog or where it will lead me … but I am sure that I will continue to write at least one blog post a week and maintain this consistency in one couple of years i will write much better than now and my posts will generate more value for my readers each time.

5. “Surround yourself with people with the same taste and mindset.” This can be good advice, but it only applies to certain contexts. Of course, it’s important to surround ourselves with people who share the same ideals and ways of life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have exactly the same taste or thoughts.

Life would be too boring if everyone around us thought alike. Part of the fun is finding contrasts and meeting people who make us question our way of thinking, people who encourage us to make new professional, musical, spiritual discoveries, etc. That enriches any social group or Working group: variety of thoughts and tastes. The best debates, the best ideas and the best solutions to problems arise from the sum of eccentricities, foolishness and strange thinking of a group of people.

Royal Council: There is nothing to do, sometimes you just have to pay attention to the clichés. Apply the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Evaluate how diverse your thoughts and perspectives are in your social groups. If all of your friends and acquaintances are just like you, it is time to expand these circles and meet new people.

Many of the activities that I do in my everyday life, my hobbies and my taste in music, come from people around me with a completely different taste than I, from whom I started to absorb new information, to learn and finally to learn. to acquire these new tastes.

Not all tips are suitable for everyone. The five tips you just read didn’t work for me, which is why I think they are a bit stupid for my situation. Some of them are likely to apply to you, and my advice (the solutions I propose in this post) may seem stupid to you. Okay, it’s always about making it clear that advice is optional and not something we should accept or use just because someone accepted the job and was kind enough to give it to us.