5 documentary films on Netflix that awaken your creative side

Use the time at home and have a look at this documentation, which can trigger ingenious solutions in your brain.

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5 documentary films on Netflix that awaken your creative side
5 documentary films on Netflix that awaken your creative side

This note is part of the “ Monday with Chivas Regal” series, in which we continue to search for creative solutions for your company from home.

What do you do with all the free time you save when you are not traveling to your office? Sure, you use it to give your company a twist or to create a new one. We know that sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and without ideas. This is why it seems important to share six documentaries that you can find on Netflix that can help you be more creative.

These audiovisual materials are not only entertaining and nutritious for our minds, they also offer you different perspectives and strategies than the ones you use to solve problems for this reason: don’t miss it!

1. The spirit in a nutshell

Understanding the mind is one of the first steps we should take if we want to have distracting ideas. Often one of the recurring questions is: why do we dream and how important are dreams? If you’re one of those who wake up in the middle of the night to write ideas on a notebook, this documentary is for you. Even if you are not one of them, it can help you a lot to understand how the brain works.

2. The creative brain

A neuroscientist examines the creative processes of various innovators and at the same time examines how to use creativity. Through this documentary, the researcher comes to various conclusions that can help you find the “creative self” in your head.

3. Abstract: The Art of Design

It is a series of socio-cultural documentaries that tell us about the creative processes used by different designers in different industries, which include shoes, illustrations and technology.

4. 100 people: answers to life’s questions

Observing the behaviors in different cultures also enables us to open our minds to new and innovative solutions. This audiovisual material shows the reactions of 100 people to fun experiments.

5. The toys that made us

It is a documentary series that introduces us to the brains behind the legendary toy franchise companies who comment on the rise and fall of their creations. In this audiovisual material we find brands such as Barbie, Star Wars, LEGO and others

And to accompany this documentary film nothing better than a cocktail, I ran into the kitchen and prepared this simple recipe:

These are recommendations that and Chivas Regal bring for you. Share this note on social networks and let us know if you know any other documentaries to wake up your creative side.

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