5 creative hours from René the frog

TED Talks is a series of talks given by experts to an audience Broadcasting all over the world to bring science, technology, education and design education and inspiration. Scientists, writers, actors, politicians and other prominent figures and opinion leaders have gone through their phases and decided a few months ago to describe someone as “very original” to talk about creativity: René the frog.

“When we are kids we keep hearing the words imagination and inspiration, but when we are adults we believe creativity is a concept that only applies to artists. There is nothing wrong with that, ”said the Muppet leader.

5 creative hours from René the frog
5 creative hours from René the frog

The most famous Batrachian in the world spoke of the fear that can lead us to think differently. The best way to make a mark in this world is to dare to use your imagination to make the world a better place. He noted that imagination is the world’s economy. Several lessons emerge from his lecture, which you can see in full at the end of the note.

1. “A friend of mine said his goal was to be“ a person who makes a difference in the world, ”and he hoped“ to leave the world a little better because he’s been in it. ”This one Friend was Jim Henson. ”

As humans, we must always strive to make a mark in history, and entrepreneurs understand this better than anyone. The question is not just to become a legend or inspiration for others to boast personally, but because what we do with our passage on earth makes a change for the better, even if it is only for one person. Who would tell Jim Henson that the dolls she made out of socks would become an inspiration to so many people?

Don’t despise your ideas and find out how to put them at the service of humanity when you have them.

2. “We are so concerned about not being eaten by alligators (or competitors) that we begin to believe that there is no time to be creative.”

There’s no perfect time to come up with ideas. You have to create this space yourself. Sometimes we let fear build us into the routine because it’s convenient and doesn’t require radical changes, but it’s the same routine that prevents innovation and ultimately undoes the necessary changes businesses need to update.

Do you want to avoid being eaten by alligators? Keep swimming and changing direction as often as necessary.

3. “I believe creativity is an integral part of every person”

Let’s stop believing that the ideas that change the world are only given to a few people with special skills. Give your mind permission to wander around and think outside the box every now and then. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

4. “Don’t worry about mistakes. IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. But it is okay. Go ahead, take advantage of the opportunities and you will find that what felt like a failure was actually key to your future inspirations. ”

You never know where the next great lesson in life might come from. Failures shouldn’t be despised; they are often better teachers than successes.

René the frog mentions in his lecture that sometimes we are so afraid of failure that we stop experimenting and that this sets us apart from children, because for his young mind every idea is new and stimulating, worth trying Even if you can get out hurt. Startups are in the sense that they allow themselves to experiment with anything to find the most appropriate business model. Don’t let your business get hungry for experimentation. It’s the best part of growing up.

5. “There are as many ways to be creative as there are muppets. And trust me, there are so many muppets. Yes, I will know that I pay the payroll every week. ”

There are many techniques for nurturing creativity, including role models that served entrepreneurial icons like Steve Jobs himself. Maybe you tried and it didn’t work for you. Don’t despair. Techniques that serve some may not be suitable for others.

Look for what inspires you (your family, your business, your country) and find the technology that works for you. It can even be a mix of several tips that you order as needed.

Binding: “For every person or frog who wants to be creative, one thing is crucial: friends. For me, the best thing about creativity is working with friends and colleagues. Mine are bears, pigs, rats, and penguins, but find the staff to help you grow. ”

You can see the full talk at this link.

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