5 characters that show you are smarter than others

The IQ is something that is set at a very young age and does not change over time. But there are traits that show when you have a keen mind.

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5 characters that show you are smarter than others
5 characters that show you are smarter than others

The intelligence, or Intelligence quotient (IQ), as it is called, is not about what you know, but the speed at which you collect and understand new information. Longitudinal studies have shown that the IQ is set at an early age and does not increase over the course of life (in contrast to the general culture).

Although the IQ It is not the only factor that determines success in life. Research has shown that being smart is not a bad thing. In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to be a super genius.

Most of us go through life knowing how smart we are. It is difficult to measure IQ accurately if you do not take the time (and money) to take multiple exams by a trained professional.

Among other things, new analyzes have provided interesting insights into childhood experiences and their effects on intelligence. If you’ve had any of these experiences, you may have a higher IQ.

1. You are anxious

It is hard to imagine fear as a good thing, but the evidence suggests that it may not be that bad. Psychiatrist Jeremy Coplan examined patients with anxiety disorders and found that people with the worst symptoms had the highest IQ. Other studies have shown that fearful people have greater verbal intelligence. To do this, we need to add the results of the experiment that was conducted at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. The researchers asked participants to rate works of art created with a computer program and then to release a “virus” that appeared to have broken the program. Scientists sent study participants to get support from the technical services department to simply put more obstacles in their way. They found that the most fearful people were the most focused, and those who completed the mission the fastest and most seamlessly.

The next time someone tells you not to worry too much, just tell them that your great intellect doesn’t make you ignore all the options.

2. You started reading at a young age

A British study of over 2,000 pairs of identical twins found that children who started reading earlier had higher IQs (both verbal and non-verbal intelligence) despite having almost the same DNA. On the surface, this seems to explain easily: children who read younger are smarter. That’s not the case. The researchers concluded that previous learning to read actually had an impact on development. The activity made her smarter, not the other way around.

3. You are left-handed

It turns out that all of these evil teachers who tried to force left-handed children to write with their right hands were wrong. Although there is a small and unclear relationship between the use of the left hand and criminal behavior, there is also an intellectual advantage. A large study showed that left-handedness is associated with dissenting thinking, especially in men. This refers to the unique ability to combine two unrelated objects to achieve something new and innovative. An unmistakable sign of intelligence.

4. You took music lessons as a child

There are a good number of studies showing that music training increases verbal intelligence and executive function in the brain, that is, the ability to control concentration and self-control. In a study by psychologist Sylvain Moreno, 48 children between the ages of four and six took part in computer-based training. One hour a day, five days a week in the month, half of the students completed a music program, while the other devoted themselves to the visual arts. At the end of the experiment, 90% of the children who focused on music increased their IQ.

5. You are funny

Joker of the world, let’s celebrate! An investigation showed a strong connection between wit and great verbal intelligence and abstract thinking. It seems that ingenuity is the product of a keen mind.


Many items are missing from this list. So if none of the points doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a high IQ. However, if you are familiar with several sections, you may be smarter than the others.

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