5 changes that need to be implemented to enable “kid-friendly” coworking and welcome mothers to take over the home office

Since the School and office closings Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many working mothers we were forced to do Home office. This brings with it the challenge of being professionals while we take care of our little ones or supervise theirs Online lessons.

So go to a room from Coworking “child-friendly” It became the best solution (and a great relief) for us. If you haven’t already adapted your business to accommodate mothers and their children, here’s what changes can benefit your business.

5 changes that need to be implemented to enable “kid-friendly” coworking and welcome mothers to take over the home office
5 changes that need to be implemented to enable “kid-friendly” coworking and welcome mothers to take over the home office

Although the number of infections in Mexico is falling, the massive return to offices and schools is not yet in sight. Even if the whole country hits the green epidemiological light, there will be thousands of mothers and fathers with young children who prefer to continue the process. Home office and keep the Distance learning.

So you still have time to make the changes necessary to provide this industry with a safe place to work productively while your little ones play or study.

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Next to have high quality electronic equipment and a fast internet connection and proof of everything, there are other elements to consider. Notice and get to work:

1. A place for everyone

The first step is Distribute the space in a manner that is convenient for working adults and young visitors. You must have Meeting room comfortable and isolated from the outside hustle and bustle, free from adult distractions.

You too need special rooms for children of all ages: Infants (1 to 3 years), preschoolers (3 to 5 years) and school-age children over 6 years.

Some of the items that are suggested are:

Toddler area. A small table with chairs at their height, a ball pool and mats on which to sit and play or take a nap.

Preschool and school area. You also need tables and chairs as well as shelves to store your personal belongings (backpack, lunch box, jacket). Although visitors are responsible for bringing whatever materials their little ones ingest, it is recommended that they have basic stationery: colored paper, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, scissors, glue, paints, and brushes. This in order to offer a more comprehensive service and to have teaching aids for the entertainment of children.

The Teenagers They are not a problem as they may share the adults’ space and use their own devices to entertain themselves when they are not in class. Not to mention, they might prefer to stay home. If you want to give the extra extra and have enough space, you can customize a room with video games, ping pong tables or foosball.

Babies under one year of age are unlikely to be chosen by mothers to wear. Unless you can offer the terms and conditions of a kindergarten with all that implies, the rules can state that only children who can walk are allowed, as some hotels or sports do for their kids’ club.

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2. Hire trained personnel

Every kids area must have at least one a person who takes care of the little ones. The recommended ratio is a babysitter or educator for every 5 children. The person selected must be a reliable, responsible, and well-educated person who will deal with children of all ages.

An excellent plus is the offering of early stimulation courses or activities that do not require any additional infrastructure, such as yoga, singing, dancing, board games or experiments.

3. Offer healthy, fresh, and abundant foods

Although adults can get by on a coffee and a baguette to survive, children need healthier foods and drinks. Your menu should include varied and fresh options: salads, chopped fruit, carrot strips, cucumber and jicama, sandwiches and fresh water for example.

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4. Safety is a priority

The key to a Coworking “child-friendly” that is successful trust What do you give the parents that? Your children will be safe and happy. This way, mom and dad can focus on their work.

You have to find out strict access controls in children’s areas to make sure no strangers enter. It is also recommended Install security cameras linked to an app so parents can view their kids from their phones or monitors.

Depending on the legislation of each state, city, or town, it is very likely that you will need some type of Special licensehow hiring one Health and / or liability insurancefor any accident.

Of course, you must also meet the highest Cleaning standards and follow that Hygiene measures set up by the local authorities.

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5. Adjust your prices and create packages

It is not the same to conceive a lonely adult as a mother or a father with one, two or three children. In business terms, you have to find a way to get around set fair and affordable priceswhich at the same time guarantee a good profit margin.

You can put it together Packages irresistible to consider several options: an adult and a child, two adults and a small one, or an adult and two children for example. Payment can be made per day, per week or monthly and can be customized to suit the needs of each family.

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In short, this is what you should focus on meet the needs of parents good receipts to see. You also have to be willing to listen to the visitors and do constant adjustments in the facilities and services. Remember that the happiness and safety of our children are priceless and many of us are willing to pay anything to have a little peace, to stay productive, and to grow professionally.

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