5 books you can read during quarantine

Some are just out of the press and others are just too good to pass up.

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There is so much business information on the internet that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the material we want to read.

5 books you can read during quarantine
5 books you can read during quarantine

Every year I try to illustrate myself in the traditional way with relevant books and novels. Some have just come off the press and others are too good to pass up. Here is a reading list that might interest you this month:

There is nothing better than learning from the greats and Elon Musk is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the world. Ashlee Vance includes everything possible about Musk's life and legacy thanks to 300 interviews he did to the people around him. The book offers an insight into the difficult childhood of the so-called Tony Stark of real life and his achievements as the foundation of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Peter Thiel is another legendary author in the industry to admire. In his book, he offers insights into what the future will be like and how innovation must be managed to succeed. This optimistic book demonstrates how entrepreneurs overcome technological and competitive stagnation by creating unique business models.

This book just out of the oven (it doesn't have a Spanish edition yet) takes a great topic: how to change the world. It does so through studies and political anecdotes, entertainment and business. By exploring the essence of nonconformity, Grant gives readers tools to overcome the status quo and improve their efforts in any area of ​​their lives.

This work offers insights into the personality and behavior of leaders from different industries. It's a great book based on 10 years of Finkelstein's research that reflects that so-called “super bosses” have very different personalities, but there are certain common practices that can be identified to imitate.

Technology has become an important part of the success of many, so I think it is important to understand its power to build or destroy a business. This book demonstrates how “disruptive innovation” can make even the best companies fail and shows how some companies failed to mount on innovation.

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