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5 books that will take you to a very distant place without leaving your home

May 22, 2020

You don’t need a passport or a foot outside your home to travel to these incredible worlds. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

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5 books that will take you to a very distant place without leaving your home
5 books that will take you to a very distant place without leaving your home

The need to explore is in our DNA, it’s about the urge to go to new places and travel to the unknown. That’s why we want to share a big secret with you: reading is the safest way to start your odyssey and takes you to new countries that satisfy our strong spirit of adventure.

The first rule of literature is that there is no time for boredom. Get ready, get comfortable in your favorite reading place, and leave the following classics recommended by Scribd, transport you to the places that others have prepared for you in such situations:


one. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe: Can you imagine how great it would be to open your closet and find a magical medieval country with talking lions? C.S. Lewis demonstrates his talent as a writer by taking us into a unique world, through a compelling narrative in which your life will change by simply opening a door.

2nd The wonderful Wizard of Oz: Thousands of references in popular culture and various film adaptations, the most famous yellow street in history will conquer your heart from the side of L. Frank Baum. It is an essential book with an emotional moral teaching about courage, emotional intelligence and friendship.

3rd No way: Comic book author and writer Neil Gaiman is a British sweetheart for his amazing and hypnotic storytelling. In this title Gaiman shows us another London; the London of the underworld, where there are portals in other dimensions with their own rules and laws.

Four. Alice in Wonderland: In a place called Wonderland, nothing should go wrong unless your name is Alice, the queen of hearts wants your head, and you never get to the white rabbit. It is a classic among the classics, which despite its time surprises generations with its narrative creativity.

5. Peter Pan: How easy a child’s life was, everything kept us entertained and even a box became a castle. J. M. Barrie wants you to never forget the child you are carrying, because when you fly with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, you will remember the best moments of your childhood.