5 beliefs that will keep you broke

The money It’s a very important issue for a lot of people. Thoughts like “How do I pay my mortgage?”, “Will I ever get out of debt?”, “Can I retire?” They flood the minds of almost everyone.

While we are thinking about money, worrying, and even having stress, we use a lot of ours mental capacitySo that we expend the energy that we should use for creativity, peace, joy, happiness, the ability to solve problems, or even to feel like we are in control of our lives.

5 beliefs that will keep you broke
5 beliefs that will keep you broke

Getting your financial mindset in order doesn’t just involve buying a new car or paying off debts. For many people, this can mean a radical change in their health status due to the amount of stress the money is on their head.

Today I want to share with you five beliefs that you may have that are preventing you from achieving them Financial freedom that you long for:

1. “Somebody else will take care of it for me”

Stop waiting for Prince Charming, your parents, your boss, your husband / wife or your friends to solve your life. Your financial future is your responsibility. When you leave your financial decisions in the hands of others, pay the minimum of your credit card debt, and “go crazy”, you are not planning your future. The longer you sit and wait for a magical person to arrive to solve your problems, the further and further you are from financial freedom.

When is the best time to take care of your finances personally and responsibly? Right now.

2. “I’m bad for money”

Join the club. There are many people who, like us, have come into the adult world with little or no knowledge of money management, budgeting, and financial planning. You probably weren’t good at walking when you took your first steps. You probably couldn’t park well when you got behind the wheel of a car for the first time in your life. But that’s why you have to be patient, turn to the right teachers and practice, practice, practice.

Financial management is not an innate talent for anyone. Fortunately, there are millions of books, podcasts, radio shows, online courses, consultants, trainers, courses, YouTube videos, etc. that can help us. Budgeting may never be my favorite, but saying “I’m not good with money” is no longer an excuse.

3. “Money is only ambition and nothing spiritual”

The only way to make money is to give it its fair value. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of your own company or just another employee of a large company. They give value (products / services) to the world in exchange for value (money). The more value you generate, the more value you will get. There is nothing more spiritual than cultivating your talents and giving good to the world.

4. “I’m not __________ enough”

I am not smart enough. I am not prepared enough. I am not young / old enough. Fill in the field with the word you want. The truth is, no matter what excuse you put in the room, we can surely find the case of someone who overcame the same obstacle and who managed to be successful.

Remember that no one can value you as much as you do. There isn’t a budget big enough to make you a high achiever if you don’t believe you’re worth it. That inner voice telling you “I’m not __________ enough” will only give you a mediocre life.

5. “Afraid of money”

There are many people who are afraid of spending money in order to make money. Making decisions based on fear of loss or failure will never lead to wealth. Indeed, decisions made out of fear will rob you of the joy of success.

Have you ever been more scared of losing 100 pesos than winning $ 1,000? If so, your business decisions are based on fear, not wealth. There is a different mindset between those who make decisions to move away from what scares them and those who make decisions to move closer to prosperity. Fear-based decisions will keep you poor.

Can you think of other beliefs that are hindering your financial development? What advice would you give to help you overcome these obstacles?

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