5 alternative apps you can use if WhatsApp crashes

These are some of the messaging options that can replace the popular platform when needed.

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5 alternative apps you can use if WhatsApp crashes
5 alternative apps you can use if WhatsApp crashes

Like any tool, technology is not infallible and can fail more often than we imagine. Due to the increasing interaction with each other, there is a need to keep in touch, be it for professional or personal relationships.

For example, WhatsApp, the most popular social messaging network with more than two billion users worldwide, fell this Tuesday, July 14, leaving millions without contact with the outside world. For this reason, we find it useful to know other alternatives in an emergency and to keep you in touch with your closest ones.

Here are 5 alternatives that can work just as well as WhatsApp:

Telegram: It is a messaging platform whose data protection declaration is based on two principles: Do not use personal data to display advertisements and only save the data necessary for the functioning.

All groups, chats, multimedia, etc. are encrypted. In addition to the possibility of secret chats, the messages of which can be automatically destroyed yourself.

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Signal: This application has open source sSignal logEnd-to-end encryption that ensures chat privacy. In addition, Edward Snowden, a former CIA and NSA employee, supports the application because it is designed to work in the most restricted environment.

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Cello: This application is ideal for sending audio messages. It has more than 110 million users and has become a trend for one of its special functions: the mode Walkie talkie.

This platform contains a tool that works as free Push-o-talk At the push of a button, the audio is recorded and broadcast so that the other person can hear it without any further complications.

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Facebook Messenger: Chat on Facebook’s social network, which also owns WhatsApp, is a great option for all users. It includes voice and written messages, individual and group video calls, and similar normal voice calls.

With versions for Android and iOS, it is a very popular tool in times of tightness because after the success of the zoom it added the option to make group calls by computer.

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Google Hangouts: The messaging platform from Google Inc. includes all services that were previously Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google+ Hangouts.

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