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43 prosecutors prosecuted for corruption in the last two years in Venezuela

October 5, 2019


The Venezuelan attorney general, Tarek William Saab, has reported that since August 2017, 144 Public Ministry officials have been prosecuted for corruption for various crimes, of which 43 were prosecutors. Of these 144, a total of 101 are prosecuted.

These people have been charged with the crimes of their own corruption, abuse of authority and influence peddling. Among the cases that stand out the most is the detention through a controlled delivery of Freddy Ochoa and Zahira Urdaneta, former provisional prosecutor and 37th assistant of the Zulia state, “for requesting thousands of dollars,” reports the newspaper 'El Universal'.

“These ex-prosecutors asked for the money in foreign exchange in exchange for not involving a teenager in a criminal investigation related to injuries in a traffic accident,” said Saab.

The attorney general has also mentioned the detention of Berlice Casañas, former 42nd national of Anzoátegui, on September 24 of this year, for extorting investigated subjects in a criminal case related to homicides asking for $ 400,000.

To these cases is added the sentence of one year and four months against Betzy Huacasi Sánchez, former 23rd Miranda prosecutor, “for requesting thousands of dollars in exchange for not charging serious crimes in a case of aggravated robbery.”

Likewise, Fernando José Betancourt Zambrano, former 4th of Bolivar, was sentenced to four years and eight months for hiding and retaining a criminal record of corruption offenses.

“The fight against corruption also goes inside. No one with a Public Ministry credential can believe that he has immunity to alter the democratic peace. You have to unmask them and set the example,” Saab warned.