400 scholarships for training in technological skills like blockchain

Banco Santander is awarding 400 online scholarships to students and young professionals under the Santander Digital Innovation for MIT Professional Scholarship program with six training programs for digital skills such as blockchain technology with the aim of providing solutions that help them do so to improve their employability.

The registration period runs from October 5th this year to January 21st 2021. This was reported by Banco Santander in a press release posted on its website on September 9th.

This program is part of Santander #InvierteEnTi Scholarships, which are developing five global scholarship programs online through Santander Universities for more than 1,500 students and young peopleHere, among other things, special training courses on digital skills, leadership qualities or languages ​​are offered for the current job market. The calls will be posted on the Santander Scholarship website during the months of September and October, and the last one will complete its registration in January 2021, as highlighted in the press release.

400 scholarships for training in technological skills like blockchain
400 scholarships for training in technological skills like blockchain

The scholarships are developed through agreements with leading educational institutions to develop the most sought-after professional skills such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the London School of Economics (LSE), the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), IE University and ESADE Universities.

This initiative focuses on improving the opportunities for university students and young professionals in the labor market in the face of growing unemployment, especially among young people, and accelerating labor market transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, Javier Roglá, Global Director of Santander Universities, emphasized:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the labor market, which requires ever more transversal and digital skills, as well as professional skills that are constantly being updated. For these reasons, we decided to start these scholarships to help students and young professionals better face these challenges. “

The Santander Women Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program – LSE, Santander English Scholarships for Professional Development – UPenn, Santander Skills Scholarships for Professional Development – ESADE, Santander Tech Revolution in Finance Scholarships – IE University, along with the Santander Digital Innovation Scholarship Program for MIT Professionalare part of the #InvierteEnTi initiative, which frames Santander Bank’s global support plan against the fight against Covid-19 and the negative effects caused by the pandemic.

Banco Santander at the forefront of higher education

Banco Santander is distinguished by the “Santander Universidades”, which has recognized it as the company that invests the most in education in the world (report Varkey / UNESCO / Fortune 500) Vocation for higher education as the only European bank operating in the “ Change the World 2018 “was recorded.

More recently, Santander Universidades has awarded scholarships to students from Latin America and Spain to teach them about disruptive blockchain technology as part of the Santander Digital Skills Scholarship program.

2,500 students from 14 countries participated in the academic project online for five weeks, which covered topics related to disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud computing and of course innovative blockchain technology .

The program was developed in two phases, with 300 best performing participants selected to introduce them and deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of the three technological academic proposals that were offered to choose from: Blockchain: Technological Disruption, Cloud DevOps: Continuous Transformation and Machine Learning: Technology in decision-making was considered both from a technical perspective and from a historical and application-related perspective.

Only in the education sector has the bank mobilized 30 million through the Santander Universidades to support research projects to develop vaccines, drugs or new diagnostic techniques, to support students in unfavorable economic situations and to work on strengthening the university system in its digital transition.

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