4 ways to be more confident

Don’t let doubt or lack of experience stop you.

Whether you are open a business, or that you have finally started a project that you are passionate about or that you are making significant changes in your life, there are tons of reasons to feel uncomfortable about doing something new. Makes sense. Some of us are motivated by Thrill of the unknown and figuring things out in the blink of an eye, but others feel insecure or incapable of moving forward without a clear path to success.

4 ways to be more confident
4 ways to be more confident

The other day I was leafing through a book and came across a phrase that caught my attention:

“I realized that I could be scared and do it anyway … you have to open the door to fear and failure, it’s the only way to achieve the extraordinary.”

I thought of the classic Steve Jobs quote. “Stay hungry. Preserve innocence “. To try something really great without knowing the outcome, it takes a certain amount of Innocence and vulnerability. You may not know what you are going to get, but you have confidence in yourself to go beyond fear and take the step that will change everything.

For anyone who has high standards but does not meet the topic of self-confidence, this will help you to find your own way.

1. Define what trust means to you

If you believe that your confidence stems entirely from past success and implies that you will never fail, you are wrong. And so says Tony Robbins, the famous author and motivational speaker.

“True trust stands for the willingness to continue even in the face of adversity. Whatever happens, you can face it and win. That is trust “ Says Robbins.

Trust arises when you have accepted your own potential for finding solutions and this opens the door to success.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Former US President Thoedore Reoosevelt once said: “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” And it can also be a factor that destroys your confidence.

If you keep looking outside and thinking that your project / product / service isn’t as big or won’t be as successful as Steve Jobs or Martha Stewart or Elon Musk or any other monster in the industry, you will never get started. .

The accomplishments of others don’t determine your potential, and they definitely don’t quantify your definition of success.

3. Tell your inner critic to go on vacation

There is nothing wrong with the fear. It can even help you use a calculated and deliberate strategy. But if you hold onto the negatives for a long time and convince yourself that you are unable or valuable enough to accomplish your goals, you need to tell your inner critic to shut up for a bit. That little voice within you should help you identify and avoid danger, but it shouldn’t deplete your confidence to the point where you can no longer continue.

One way to do this is to analyze the evidence. If you believe that you are meant to fail at something, write down the real reasons why this might happen. Next, make a list of the evidence that leads you toward success. Taking the time to examine the evidence will give you the clarity you need for your self-talk, which can be pretty exaggerated or overly pessimistic at times.

4. Surround yourself with people who support you

Great things are difficult to achieve when the company you have doesn’t care about your success. Especially when your friends and family are the ones who tend to judge your plans and abilities negatively. The last thing you want is to sink into other people’s doubts.

Doubt can be a motivation for some people to show others that they can do things, but these are usually people with a healthy level of confidence. When you surround yourself with people who support you, they will give you more reasons to trust and push you to do even better than you imagine.

When you believe that you can achieve your goals and the people you care about most, you also believe how secure you can feel when it comes to overcoming obstacles and achieving the successes that you choose wish so much.

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