4 ways in which entrepreneurs can support their clients and community in these times of crisis

As we fight this universal calamity, let's take advantage of our platforms to be generous in every way possible.

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4 ways in which entrepreneurs can support their clients and community in these times of crisis
4 ways in which entrepreneurs can support their clients and community in these times of crisis

Albert Einstein once said: “The value of a person lies in what they give and not in what they are capable of receiving.” It is one of those phrases that have stuck in my heart because, in my personal experience, being generous has made me a better person and has helped me in my darkest moments. As our planet struggles with one of modern day's worst pandemics, companies like Facebook are raising their hands to help small businesses.

Generosity creates momentum, both for individuals and for entrepreneurs and organizations. One social media campaign that caught my attention these days is Kris Lindahl's #BeGenerous project. Both the initiative and a recent interview with Lindahl inspired me to share four ways we can use our platforms to be more generous as entrepreneurs and give something to the community when it needs our help the most.

1. Create dynamics

At times like this, in which practically the entire world is under a kind of quarantine and we are facing a global economic crisis, it is essential to support those around us. Lindahl shares that dynamics and gifts on social media are a great way to be generous, and she gives us an example of some gift cards he just gave away on Instagram to support small businesses. Random winners receive a gift card to shop at their favorite local businesses. “The dynamics and the gifts create a win-win situation for both the buyer and the business,” he adds.

2. Join an NGO

More and more organizations are realizing that their employees need a real purpose in their work. For example, Apple equals up to $ 25 an hour for the time its employees spend doing nonprofit work. And then there are companies like McDonald's

that supports the communities in which it operates through inspiring programs such as the Ronald McDonald Houses and the RMHC / HACER scholarships.

Lindahl shared that she collaborated with an NGO to match $ 2,500 in donations that will help feed more than 600 school-dependent children, and I support the imperative to actively join a cause you believe in.

3. Create an awareness campaign

Harness the power of social media and hashtags to gain traction for your cause. In my case, I created The Whiswall campaign with the hashtag #GiveDreamsAChance , and I was able to see people doing things to fulfill those dreams for the underprivileged and the needy. When we see someone influencing others, we seek to emulate him and generosity is the same.

As part of the Be Generous program, Lindahl randomly distributes t-shirts with the name of the campaign, and shares that people have come back to him saying “I can't wear this t-shirt and not be a good human being.” He says it's like putting on a uniform and living under a moral code.

Any entrepreneur can create similar campaigns to advance their cause and get more people to join.

4. Embrace generosity as something invaluable

Lindahl also notes that: “Generosity is much more than just writing a check, it has to do with donating our time, talent and treasures. It also means promoting a volunteer work culture when possible. ”

I have seen how this is done. When I get involved with charity campaigns, or donate my time to listen to others and inspire them, it helps me manage my own battles and change my life's perspective. I believe that when you open up to others, you receive great strength and happiness.

Generosity gives energy, emotion and commitment. An act of generosity can be as simple as spending 10 minutes of your day talking to someone or buying someone who hasn't eaten a coffee or sandwich. And these little acts can make you happier than anything else you have done on the day. Generous people are usually happier, and happier people are the most successful.

s, influencers and organizations must raise their hands and show their generous side by helping those in need. It is our responsibility to use our platforms where our voices can be heard to make a difference in the lives of those around us and to make the earth a better place to live. If you have an influential voice, you should use it to support those who are less influential, because at times like these, it's about humanity, not business.

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