4 trends that will mark digital marketing in 2021

One of the biggest challenges for advertisers and the media in 2021 is how to communicate with consumers and act effectively in a world without cookies.

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4 trends that will mark digital marketing in 2021
4 trends that will mark digital marketing in 2021

Lotame, a company that specializes in data enrichment solutions to meet consumers, revealed the four trends that will mark the digital marketing industry in 2021.

1.- Privacy and identity, much more united

Data protection will be the competitive advantage in 2021 and will be tied to identity solutions that include data minimization, put data protection above design, and focus on non-personally identifiable information (non-personal data). 2021 will be the year of data protection laws, mostly in the US. In a globalized world, however, no country is excluded, which will help the digital advertising industry build a more transparent and reliable ecosystem.

With this in mind, a large number of companies will be looking for new solutions to access the information they need to run user attraction campaigns. This presents a new challenge as the preferred strategy up until now has been to use email as a solution to privacy issues. However, this path does not guarantee complete collection of information, nor is it the most user-friendly path.

2.- Not all cookies disappear

For the past year, the media and digital advertising industries have been obsessed with the impending disappearance of third-party cookies, particularly Google Chrome’s announcement that it will gradually join that decision from 2022.

For this year, the topic remains on the table, so advertisers are expected to increase pressure on the media to meet their monitoring, targeting and data metering needs to focus their promotional efforts and improve consumer appeal and loyalty.

However, not all cookies are created equal and not all are prohibited. Cookies are managed differently depending on the browser and have different permissions. Firefox and Safari currently have no plans to replace third-party cookies with alternatives, but they still allow them to do so first party Cookies.

Companies need to use this year to prepare for the gradual elimination of cookies: talk to their partners about how they are handling third-party cookies and what their plans are for the future. Build relationships with new suppliers, partners and platforms; The websites need to be updated and new solutions sought.

3. Improve data protection tools

In early 2020, Lotame predicted that the media would begin to wall up their precious data. As the media and platforms invest more in the context and build walls around them First party datathey will face increasing scrutiny to demonstrate to advertisers the ROI on ad spend and its size.

“Fenced gardens” may work in the short term for outlets the size of the New York Times, but medium and small ones will not survive on their own in this context. This can lead these players to rely on data enrichment more aggressively and test multiple solutions identityThis shows its flexibility and agility to meet the advertiser’s needs.

4. The quality of the data brings greater benefits

Data quality will see its “Marie Kondo” moment in digital advertising. As advertisers and the media accelerate the collection of first-party data, the quality of the data will do the “magic” the digital industry wants. This is a win-win for everyone, including consumers. Without the ability to build walls, as data quality improves, players rely on data enrichment to provide advertisers with precise scaling that impacts the most important audiences. Those with richer, higher quality profiles will see their reach skyrocket.

“”One of the biggest challenges for advertisers and the media in 2021 is how to communicate with consumers and act effectively in a world without cookies. If they don’t find the right identity, they won’t be able to understand or attract audiences, which affects everything from customer loyalty to sales and revenue to business capability. With Panorama ID, we’re giving the digital ecosystem the same opportunity to compete, improve relationships with consumers, and deliver exceptional, diverse and ad-supported content over the open web and connected devices, ”commented Sebastián Yoffe, General Manager Latam US Hispanics in Lotame.

“At Lotame, with the right tools, teams and partners, we see a bright future for data. Connectivity and collaboration across the ecosystem can create a fair, accountable and transparent industry for advertisers, media companies and consumers, “added Yoffe.

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