4 tips to introduce yourself to customers

You do not need an image consultant to succeed in business.

Many times the success of a business can depend on your image. The image is your business card ; Remember that first impression is always important. Take care of your professional appearance, especially if you are the face of the company.

As the saying goes, “they receive you as you present; they fire you as you behave.” We present four factors to consider to take care of your image in business and succeed:

4 tips to introduce yourself to customers
4 tips to introduce yourself to customers

1. Be on time . Always be punctual. Not because others are late means that you should do it. Making people wait is annoying, you make them waste their time and, in most cultures, this is considered an offense. Most likely, they will not wait for you for a long time, so you may miss a good business opportunity. In the worst case, when traffic prevents you from arriving on time, warn that you are late and apologize. At work, unpunctuality may reflect lack of commitment.

2. Do not answer the cell phone in meetings . Never answer the phone in the middle of a meeting or interview, either with your boss or a client; It is quite annoying and you imply that you do not care what they are telling you. If you can't turn it off or keep it quiet, try putting it on a vibrator or at least don't have ringtones out of place. It would be unfortunate to be about to close a business and suddenly your cell phone rang with the music of The Simpsons.

3. Image . Take care of your presence. This does not necessarily mean wearing a suit every day, this depends on your occupation and your geographic location. It is very uncomfortable to wear a jacket and tie in very hot places, but you could opt for formal clothes appropriate to the weather. Hygiene is even more important, take care of the beard, hairstyle and details, such as the tie knot.

4. Attitude The image is not only how you look, but also how you behave. Try to be kind and respectful to your interlocutor. Try to project a positive professional image and great human quality. The correct use of vocabulary and the ability to talk about current issues is essential.

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