4 things you need to do to be more productive (according to science)

For example, NASA studies confirm that you can get 34% more performance with a 26-minute nap.

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4 things you need to do to be more productive (according to science)
4 things you need to do to be more productive (according to science)

We always hear a thousand tips on how to be more productive and you won’t let me lie. Most of this boils down to eating more vegetables and making lists. They all believe they are right, but the only thing that is right and proven is: science.

Here are some methods to give your mind and body what it needs to do a better job.

1. Natural light please

According to a study by Northwestern University, there is a close relationship between your workplace, daylight and quality of life.

According to this report, employees who work in natural light sleep about 46 minutes longer (and of higher quality) at night than those who don’t. Not only that, workers who had no windows had more physical problems and insomnia than those who worked alongside daylight.

It is well documented that a lack of natural light affects the circadian rhythms, which can lead to insomnia, depression and other symptoms.

So if you work in a windowless office, you can buy a lamp that simulates daylight or you can change jobs.

2. Works every 1.5 hours

It is more productive to work on a single task on time, rather than hourly.

This study shows that our brains are very sleepy every almost 90 minutes in the morning. So you can work better every time. This allows you to be more creative and allows you to rest your brain.

3. Be happy

While many people believe that success leads to happiness, the reverse is true. In her book, happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirksy examines the relationship between happiness and productivity “The How of Happiness”.

She concluded that the positive results of happiness go beyond joy and love, as it affirms that when we are happy we have more energy, more commitment to work, better relationships, more self-esteem, and physical and mental health .

4. Take a nap

You may think naps are for the very young or the very old, but science has proven that they are amazing for your productivity. Here is a small list that checks the above,

  1. Napping take you away from the famous Burn out. David Randall writes in his book “Dreamland” than those who took them, they showed better emotional intelligence and cognitive functions.
  2. A Harvard study found that taking a nap can help you solve your problems more effectively, as it helps you keep the important information apart.
  3. A NASA study found that taking a 26-minute nap improves performance by 34% and overall alertness by an additional 54%.

Take control of your productivity and try these tips out. Science supports them.

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