4 things learned in my first year as an entrepreneur

These are four things to consider before making the big leap into the unknown business world.

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It has been almost a year since I took the leap towards entrepreneurship and launched my own consulting agency. I'm not going to lie: working for myself has made me a spoiled child. Establishing my own schedules, choosing the time and place to work and determining the clients I want to deal with has been more than comforting.

4 things learned in my first year as an entrepreneur
4 things learned in my first year as an entrepreneur

I am a faithful believer that the opportunity is hidden in uncertainty. If the rules are not yet written, then why not write your own manual? And if it already exists, why not make adjustments?

Sharing lessons is important. After all, nobody learns from their successes or even wonders why I earn something; Just accept it.

These are four things to consider before making the big leap into the unknown business world:

1. Marketing is not easy

Not in terms of marketing your product, but of marketing yourself (self-promotion). By this I do not mean all entrepreneurs, since there are certainly people out there who believe that the world revolves around them. However, it is not easy for most mortals to sell themselves.

This is the secret to not sound like a you-know-what: don't talk about yourself. Instead, highlight the qualities of your product or service and let customers understand how it would benefit them. This is a subtle difference, but very important. People want to know how it would help them buy what you are selling, and yes, you are an important part of that.

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Consumers buy from sellers they like, respect and trust. They also buy products and services that give them something, so make sure that is your main message.

2. A strategy is not the same as an objective

The very process of thinking strategically can be a challenge if you are more inclined to perform tasks. Think about it like this: one goal is where you want to go, it's your destination The strategy is how you will get there.

Consider, for example, a ladder – of that kind that you lean against a wall to paint the ceiling. When you lean the ladder against the wall, your goal is to reach the top (without falling). The steps offer the means to reach this point , and represent the daily behaviors that help you execute your strategy; the rails set the direction of such steps. If, once up, you realize you're on the wrong roof, you just have to change stairs.

3. Focus on what you (and only you) can handle

ship is an investment in yourself, in your beliefs, convictions and your definition of value. After all, if you didn't believe that your new device would add value, you wouldn't feel motivated to sell it, would you?

As an entrepreneur you should focus on your areas of expertise , on those on which you have influence, and leave other tasks in the hands of external professionals. Virtual assistants are excellent for this purpose, as they offer enough experience to work efficiently without getting in your way.

4. Stay fit

Whoever says he doesn't have time to exercise simply doesn't consider his well-being a priority. It's that simple. Being an entrepreneur is no exception. The only thing that drives people away from the activities they enjoy is fear. They worry that if they don't work on something focused on their business they will stop being productive , but nothing could be further from the truth.

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We all need time for ourselves; This is the way to get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day and thus return to work in optimal conditions. If you learn to manage your fear of not being productive, you will notice how your stress levels will subside.

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