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 4 sins of leadership to avoid

March 31, 2020

Not setting clear goals and trying to manage everything are very common mistakes. Have you committed any of them?

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Although “making mistakes is human”, when you lead a team it is important to learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that could make you lose the respect of your collaborators and could even affect your productivity. Below, discover how to avoid four of the most common leadership sins .

 4 sins of leadership to avoid 4 sins of leadership to avoid

1. Do not give feedback to your collaborators

It is a habit to have regular feedback. Remember that this does not always have to be negative, it can also be positive; that is, it is not a scolding, but an exchange of perspectives and analysis on various situations. Let your team members know when they are doing something right, and correct them (or advise them) when there is an opportunity for improvement.

2. Don't “be there” for your team

As a leader, it is natural for you to have too many things in mind. It is understandable how you can see yourself so involved in everything, in such a way that it seems that you do not have time for anything else. But regardless of how many things you have on your agenda, set aside time for your collaborators to provide them with the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Beware: keeping the door open ensures that people know that you will always be there for them.

3. Do not define goals

Without clear objectives, your team will move further and further away from the possibility of achieving optimal productivity. As a result, projects will not be completed on time. While you, as an effective leader, cannot trust them to set their own goals on their own. Clear direction is required, otherwise the boat will sail rudderless and aimless. So you have to set goals, so that everyone knows where they are going. Meet with them regularly to assess progress and make sure everyone knows where you are in the process of reaching goals.

4. Failing to delegate

Suffering from the Superman complex? If so, you are not alone. Many leaders try to manage everything (themselves) and fail to delegate tasks to others. This can result in tremendous problems as work begins to reach a bottleneck and leaders are exhausted. Although in principle it can be difficult to trust others and delegate, it is essential that you make the effort. Consequently, developing your team is one of the fundamental steps you can take to ensure overall success, while mitigating some of your own pressures.

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