4 secrets to contact new customers

Below are some ideas to help you build a customer portfolio, especially if your business has declined as a result of the corona virus pandemic.

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4 secrets to contact new customers
4 secrets to contact new customers

Welcome to the second edition of “s Monday with Chivas Regal”, where you should continue to develop your business and recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that winning your first customer is a very challenging and crucial task for the success of your company. If you already have a business, experts recommend caring for those who are most profitable and swapping bad customers for new ones.

Below are some ideas that can help you build a customer portfolio, especially if your operations have declined due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

  1. Diversify. In these (crisis) times, it is worthwhile to explore new market niches and find out which one is best for you, without neglecting the original branch of your business. Don’t try to become a specialist overnight when you’ve found an opportunity. Better form alliances with experts in the field and let them work for you. Before you start planning your first appointment, however, your first task is called “profiling”. The goal is to turn the person or company that you think you can sell into a prospect, that is, the subject or company that has enough money to pay you that your product or service really needs and to whom your offer creates added value.
  2. Follow-up. This point is usually forgotten because you are generally busy with other activities, but it is important if you want to get results. Organize your time and try to be in constant contact with your customers to make sure everything is in order or to know in good time what is going wrong. In this way you can make the relevant changes.
  3. Use social networks. One thing is certain. Your company must be present on the web, otherwise it doesn’t exist. Create a fan page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where you can exchange information about your products, services and tips, trends, tips, advice, etc. Ask your friends to share your information or recommend them to them on their networks. You can use these platforms to search for users who match the profile of your target group.
  4. Use technology. Today’s consumers want immediate, personal attention. With the WhatsApp Business Instant Messaging service, customers can communicate with companies directly and in real time. In this way, customers can immediately track a transaction, buy or place an order, know the delivery time if there are delays or even if the payment has been processed. Using a business version of WhatsApp, you can create your business profile, set opening hours, respond immediately, and create a catalog of products and services in the same chat. This way you keep your customers up to date with your offer. Remember that retaining a customer is easier than winning a new one.

These are recommendations that and Chivas Regal will give you, share this note on social networks, and tell us about the strategies you have implemented to boost your business in this quarantine.

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