4 reasons not to just work for money

Many people think that a good salary brings them happiness, but they forget the most important thing: passion.

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4 reasons not to just work for money
4 reasons not to just work for money

People work to make money and live in peace. That’s the reality. If we do not have money, we cannot meet our basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing. However, you must not let him control you. If you allow it, you can never find happiness and contentment.

The problem is, most people work in places that they don’t just like for the money. They think if they get enough to buy expensive cars, groceries, and clothes, they will be happy. But they forget one thing: wealth cannot buy happiness.

I am for being passionate about and getting paid to do what we want because if you don’t do this you could run into some problems in your life:

1. You will never make enough money. Even if you are the highest paid employee, you will feel like you are not making enough money. For the same reason, you will always be complaining about your salary and talking about how someone else is being paid a lot more.

2. You jump from job to job. When you are not happy and feel like you are not getting paid enough, you want to see other companies that you think will pay more. As a result, you switch from one job to another frequently. You will be satisfied for a while because you will meet new people. However, once you get used to it, the charm will go away and you will start looking for a new job, unless the current one is your real passion in life.

3. You will have more debt. Once you graduate from college and get a job, you may work to pay for your studies. Next, you want to buy a home and as a result, you will be paying a mortgage for several years. In addition, you surely want to maintain the same lifestyle that you have always led.

Often times we spend with confidence believing we can pay for anything, but in reality this becomes one Vicious circle where you receive your salary and use it to pay the interest on your debt. As a result, you are tied to a job you dislike just to repay what you owe.

4. You become a slave to money. As you saw in step three, after some time money can begin to control you until you become a slave. Do not forget that wealth is not the most important thing in the world. Try to have things in your life that make you excited and happy.

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