4 magical lessons Disney teaches us

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What’s the first thing you think about when you listen to Disney? Children? Mickey mouse? Happiness?

4 magical lessons Disney teaches us
4 magical lessons Disney teaches us

Last week I was in the “happiest place in the world” and all I could think of was, “Perfection made business”.

Disneyland isn’t just a place for young and old to have fun and eat loads of ice cream or interact with animated characters. Of course we perceive that, but beneath all that magic there is an exemplary way of dealing with Deal.

Here are four enterprising observations I picked up while walking around the “happiest place on earth”. I will suggest some ideas on how to apply these techniques to your business for its growth.

1. Improved systems

I know most don’t think about it “Systems“When he hears Mickey Mouse, what would you think if I told you exactly how this makes Disneyland so incredible?” That’s right, repeatable, documented and tested systems.

For example, while we waited in the huge line, a quartermaster stood in front of us to clean up and when he did so he told us a joke for about 10 minutes to make sure we were being entertained. I don’t judge his friendliness, but let’s face it, it wasn’t a coincidence. Disney only hired him to be part of their system.

The same thing happens with games, the words used by the staff, the maintenance of them, the “Meet and greet” From the characters to the food served to anything you can think of, everything is part of business. Every Disney piece has been perfected and designed to increase customer satisfaction while increasing profits.

Are you thinking about what systems do you use in your company? Are you constantly looking for a way to innovate? Recently in my article “The Surprisingly Simple Reason You Feel Stressed Out” I’ve written about how systems are the glue that holds your business together while it’s focused on growth. Take a look at your business logs and ask yourself how you can improve them.

2. Smart pricing

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Disneyland, you know the pricing structure can be difficult to understand.

There are different options, you can buy tickets for both parks or just one for the days you want. And after you do that, you can add the benefits of the “Park Hopper” which allows you to visit multiple parks in the same day.

In addition, Disney offers special packages that include accommodation, visits with animated characters, princess costumes and much more. A person can spend anywhere from 100 to thousands of dollars on a vacation.

Why is the price so complicated? Why isn’t it just one and that’s it?

Disney knows the diversity of its customers and therefore understands that there are different interests, which is why it has created a pricing structure that allows the maximum benefit that is distributed to the largest number of people. While some choose the cheapest option, others are willing to pay more. Much more.

Does your company offer multiple packages? A small percentage of your audience would be willing to pay more for your product or service if you offered more exclusivity and luxury. So what kind of “park hopper” can you add to your prices to create a product? bonus?

3. Attractive for all ages

One of the most interesting things about Disney is how attractive it is to all types of audiences. I just turned 30 and enjoyed my experience. On this trip, my wife and I traveled with another couple in their forties. We saw older adults enjoy their adventure. And of course the children also had the best time of their lives.

In other words, Disney is close to everyone, and everyone is close to Disney too. How are you?


Every item has been carefully thought out to appear young, old, feminine, angry, or happy. The detail of every aspect in the park is amazing, nobody can get bored with the sounds and sights, Disney is something that really sets you apart.

Look at your company from the outside. Yes, you should have this “ideal customer”, but could those who aren’t your target audience enjoy your business? Find ways to attract more people and watch your income rise to new heights.

4. Finish with a bang

Every night Disney closes the day with fireworks that ridicule any other event. It literally ends in a bang.


Because Disney tries to provide its customers with a magical experience from the moment they arrive until they leave. In fact, I think it’s just that last moment that keeps people coming back year after year. The reminder ends on the highest grade, which leads to repeated visits.

You don’t need to focus only on first impressions. Ultimately, mediocre companies also focus on the same thing. Large companies focus on providing full pressure.

Take a look at your company and ask yourself if I make my customers say “wow” every step of the way. Or do I let my customers go? Remember, it is always easier and cheaper to keep a consumer than to get a new one. So end every experience of your company with a bang.

Disney is powerful because it has been perfecting itself for 60 years. Look at the reasons for such an event. You can mimic these traits and build a business full of magic.

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