4 lessons to be won in a good mood

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A few years ago, Carl Sciortino, US Congress candidate for the state of Massachusetts, uploaded an open and funny video on YouTube entitled Father’s son (Son of his father).

4 lessons to be won in a good mood
4 lessons to be won in a good mood

It blurs the line between traditional political advertising and content marketing, and tells a cute and funny story in just over a minute. Columnist Aaron Blake commented on the Washington Post that this is one of the most interesting proselytization ads he has seen in a long time. For his part, MSNBC analyst Chris Hayes tweeted to his 250,000+ followers: “This ad is basically a masterpiece.”

Why all this fuss? Sciortino is openly gay and his ads toy with the idea of ​​getting out on dad. Although in this case he appears not as a homosexual but as a “Massachusetts liberal” for his reactionary conservative ancestor. Happy? Not a problem, but liberal? Oh oh. “It has been like this for 35 years,” complains the father in a tone that sounds as if “children say the craziest things”.

From a marketing perspective, the video clip transcends the political realm by using humor to attract attention and connect with them spectator of all political affiliations, just as all ads are an attempt to reach people, whether they are voters or customers.

Humor is effective in marketing because it humanizes and surprises. In fact, it can help small, budget conscious brands stand out in a world full of ads and messaging. So how can you incorporate humor into your strategy? marketing? Keep the following four powerful tips in mind.

1. Add creative people. All great content comes from a good script (and this is true regardless of whether your content is humorous or not). You could be fun and creative, but you could also be too close to the situation.

There are benefits to be obtained perspective from someone else who is able to see humor on a stage that could instead be ignored. Your city probably has an improvised comedy center or school. Go there to see if you can find an actor or writer who can make a fun video for a modest pay.

2. Get out of the way. Nothing kills humor faster than a committee.

3. Think about your story (and add some pain). Realize that much of what is funny comes from pain. If you think about it, the same is likely true of your business: you started making a product or launching a service because you noticed a shortage or frustration in the marketplace.

He humor It enables you to explore this pain and take advantage of it by using hyperbole to take frustration to absurd levels. Most of the marketing is focused on the product or service that is being sold, but consumers are more interested in how what you are selling can help them. How does it ease the burden or relieve the pain?

At MarketingProfs, we created “the world’s first slide ad” to start registration for our annual B2B marketing event and uploaded it to SlideShare, Facebook, Pinterest and other websites on the internet. The slides winked at infomercials and the “pain” of attending conferences where speakers were boring, aloof, or worse, paid to be on the podium.

Another option was to write blog post after blog post about our program, attention to detail and blah blah blah. However, this wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much attention as our weird little slide report.

4. Allocate more brain than budget. While small businesses with limited budgets and resources are under pressure, they have an edge in building humorous marketing. Large companies generally have more bureaucracy and longer approval processes, making it difficult for their marketing to be agile or provocative.

One example is Camp Gyno (Gynec Camp)[lógico]), a hilarious two-minute video from Hello Flo, a subscription service that mails tampons. The video clip, a viral hit that already has 6.2 million views (and continues to get clicks), tells the story of an unpopular girl who becomes unbearable. This is what happens if you are lucky enough to be the first in camp to get your period.

In the end, however, the dictator loses her power before puberty thanks to Hello Flo: “The entire camp has started receiving these damn packages of tampons, panty liners and sweets in the mail! Everything perfectly matched to its cycle ”. The video gave him a tremendous one Visibility at this start.

The question is, would a big company have made a provocative video like Hello Flo’s? Maybe the answer is no. But startups have to take risks, and this is where the comedy comes in.

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