4 keys to have less stress (and be much happier)

Remember: The less stress, the more happiness and the higher productivity. Undertake wisely.

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The theory dictates that the path of entrepreneurship is the direct pass to happiness, ensuring that getting rid of office hours, bosses and other obligations will turn any business that is put into a complete Garden of Eden.

4 keys to have less stress (and be much happier)
4 keys to have less stress (and be much happier)

However, in practice we find a path that, although it has much more freedom, is challenging in every way. A path in which all that we believed “Eden” becomes a ball of learning, uncertainty, trial and error that grows like snow, which increases our stress levels, greatly reducing the promised happiness.

And for sample, a button: a recent study done in Spain by the Coaching Club ensures that 90% of entrepreneurs suffer more stress than the average in normal society. If we add to this that last year for the second time the World Health Organization cataloged Mexico as the country with the highest level of work stress , it would seem that we are fried.

However, there is a simple key that can change this entire catastrophic scenario: emotional management. Although we cannot control all the market and business circumstances, we can manage the emotions that these circumstances cause us, so that we can make stress our ally instead of having it as an enemy. With this comes a basic mathematical principle: the greater the stress, the less happiness and the less stress, the greater happiness and greater productivity . You want to know why?

+ At a chemical-cerebral level, stress generates cortisol , which in excess reduces gray matter in the hippocampus area, and this results in memory loss. Instead, happiness generates chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which increase brain capacity by 100% and this impacts productivity.

+ On a physical level, stress generates insomnia, cellular inflammation, hypertension and digestive problems (such as colitis and gastritis) among other problems. Happiness reports strengthening of the immune system, balance of the nervous system, reduces inflammation and accelerates wound healing. All this translates into much healthier and more energetic people (which also impacts productivity).

+ On an emotional level, stress causes depression, fear, anxiety, confusion and sudden changes in mood. Happiness, on the other hand, gives us a much more positive vision of life, improves our self-esteem, increases self-confidence, keeps us open to change and allows us to make the best decisions, since it keeps our state of mind in balance. This, (you guessed it!) Generates higher productivity

As you can see, the relationship between productivity and happiness are direct. That is why many corporations are increasingly, training their employees and caring for their well-being, because the personal work (physical and emotional) of their employees is the best way to respond generating progress in the company. So you as an entrepreneur, why wouldn't you do the same? The best thing you can invest in right now is your happiness and the health that goes hand in hand with it, because suddenly and without realizing it we focus so much on “getting the business afloat” that we forget how important it is to be good with ourselves. In the end, you could be very successful, but without health you would not enjoy the benefits that hard work brings as a result.

Here are four powerful positive interventions that are easy to increase in your daily routine that will automatically help you manage your emotions and thus generate greater happiness.

1. Exercise

Exercise is essential to remove all the emotions that remain impregnated in the body. Using your body and moving it (however you like) produces endorphins, which instantly improve your mood, improve sleep quality, lower anxiety, promote focus, which translates into greater clarity and calm Furthermore, it reduces joint atrophy, allowing you (if you do it regularly and correctly) to have a much stronger and healthier body.

2. Meditate

More than a fad, meditation has become a scientifically verifiable emotional ally. These are calm minutes that consist of staying still and closing your eyes. Meditating is stopping, watching your thoughts go by and not judging. These minutes increase the intelligence quotient, relieve anxiety, improve memory and increase happiness, that is why it is also called “the warrior's pause”.

3. Eat healthy

It would be impossible to talk about happiness without relating it to what we eat. The quality of food has a direct influence on emotion, as Barbara Fredrickson assures, which has shown that between food and emotions there is a complex connection and that food definitely affects mood. The ideal is to look for nutritious and healthy foods: avoiding processed, canned, packaged and pickled foods, while increasing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and reducing the consumption of animal protein. Food is the gasoline of the body and as we use it to our advantage, we will be able to increase our energy levels and ensure optimal health.

4. Take the time to do the things you love

We live in a constant race against time and although before a busy person was considered sexy, now someone who has no time for himself is someone who lacks emotional intelligence. Learn to manage your time (there are many tools to use to do it) and include in your agenda, at least 2 times a week to do something you like: hanging out with your friends, reading a good book, watching a series on television, walking in the park, going to the movies, playing with your children … whatever you enjoy, do it. This generates positive emotions instantly and they recharge the batteries, preparing us for day to day. It is a basic part of enjoying the life and freedom that you chose to become an entrepreneur.

Here is the proof that happiness is completely related to productivity and you already have four keys to generating it on a daily basis. A happy person is undoubtedly much more productive, but what is more important: he is someone who is full, who can enjoy the day to day, while giving the best of himself to those around him.

Congratulations on being an entrepreneur, you chose the right path! It's just about focusing on what's important and leaving unnecessary feelings behind by kicking any stone in the way. And remember: less stress, more happiness and more productivity. Undertake wisely.

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