4 important lessons about engagement

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4 important lessons about engagement
4 important lessons about engagement

“Cut off the battle bus ticket because you won’t get back on,” says Amanda Marit with a smile. I met with her to discuss the trip from booth to podcast and the coaching business. I have always admired Marit’s ability to generate money and sustainability and had the feeling that she, too, would have a secret sauce for each of us.

“It all started when I made the crazy decision to quit my job, saving very little money to get on with my business,” he says. “I had about a thousand dollars in my bank account, which would not be enough to pay my bills for next week. But I was committed to the universe that was everything. Committed to my success. Committed to my message.” Committed, no matter how long it took or who I had to become. “

“The first time I went I was instantly successful and that kept me going for a couple of months, but then customers stopped flowing,” he continues. “At the time, I had no idea what to do next. I knew a breakthrough had to happen and it wasn’t due to lack of action. Every day I showed up at the cafeteria with my laptop checking boxes of to- Do list and wonder why I didn’t attract customers. My contents looked good on paper and I did everything they told me to be successful. For a while in the cafeteria, I was near tears: what’s going on with me? What am I not getting? I got to the point where I didn’t know how to get my bills back. “

At this point in the hustle and bustle in the cafeteria, Marit was working hard, offering things and wanting to help people, but she didn’t attract customers.

Marit shares the moment when something changed: “One day I bought a coffee, ready to start my work day in the store, and my card was declined. This had happened several times, so this time I wasn’t afraid to use a credit card Pay and laugh at the mess for a second. I opened my banking app to see how the situation was and saw a nickel in my account. At that point, I decided it would never happen again. I remember I thought: This is the moment when it will start for me. Universe, what do I have to do? “

Here’s what Marit learned on her adventure from Nickel to her current location:



“I started to focus on my mission, remembering my worth and stop worrying about where the next rental check would come from,” he says. “I had to have the strength of my work, stop feeling desperate, and trust that the universe would support me.”

Every morning Marit suggests:

  • Immerse yourself in your worth and the importance of your work
  • Instead of just ticking the boxes, take some inspired action and run like your heart is on fire on your mission
  • It sounds silly, but make sure you submit offers in a place where customers and money can be channeled.

Quantum leap in your head first

With full commitment to her success, Marit felt safer customers would emerge as she reconnected with the importance of her job.

“The next thing I knew was two and a half weeks and I had sales of $ 19,400 a month,” he says. “I was finally in the right mood. Now I knew what it took to access it and did my best to stay in it. The next month was a month of sales of $ 41,000. Then two months of sales of $ 20,000 later. Faster Four and a half months in advance, and I had six sales in my store. From there it never stopped, each year has a higher income than the last. “

The updown

“To avoid the roller coaster ride that many fast-growing companies face, I focused on my mental, emotional, and spiritual alignment and took action that was inspired,” says Marit. “You have to combine that with being resourceful and responsible with your money.”

She suggests answering the following question each day until the unworthiness subsides: What part of you doesn’t feel worth having money?

“To me, being responsible and resourceful meant that I didn’t let my bank account run dry before doing something,” says Marit. “I would get in line and take action right away. Normally we all have a limit to what is acceptable in our bank accounts at one time. That means you will never let your account go any lower than it was previously acceptable to you.” Take action and be resourceful. That number has been much higher for me over the years than it was then, and that’s how I know I’ve changed the pattern. ”

There can be no “Plan B”

“I didn’t have a B plan on this trip,” says Marit. “I could have asked my parents to help me with my financial burdens and they probably would have, but I knew if I had gone to someone else to save myself, I would have stayed in this pattern. I got up bet him and decided to let him. The universe supported me. I didn’t want to find another job or ask my parents for help. I had to do this so I could show other people that it was possible, even if you were nothing but second Option prepared. We must burn our Plan B if we want our Plan a prosperity. “

We will serve others and have a financial impact while we are at it.

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