4 ideal industries if you are a woman who wants to open a business

These sectors are still perfect to be dominated by women entrepreneurs.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

Surprisingly, women are assuming positions that were previously reserved only for men, performing the same or better, and taking control of higher salaries.

4 ideal industries if you are a woman who wants to open a business
4 ideal industries if you are a woman who wants to open a business

The latest trends suggest that we are climbing jobs with low salaries, where the female workforce was, and taking positions that previously only men occupy in positions such as administration, finance, law, leadership, etc. In fact, statistically women are more competent leaders than men, however, we have less confidence in ourselves.

In addition to demonstrating that a woman can do the same as a man, we have gone a step further to dominate some industries.

And although the number of women in management positions remains relatively low, our leadership competence gives us an advantage to dominate these industries.

1. Health

From the use of websites to self-diagnose to count the number of steps we take in a day, the health sector is far from where it was a few decades ago. Now a patient in rural Kenya can locate a health worker in the middle of the night, and thanks to technology and information gathering, he can expect better preventive practices, smarter diagnoses and more efficient research and development.

But despite all the changes, two truths remain: a) Women carry the burden of taking care of the family and b) we remain the majority in the work of the health field.

A sample of 123 countries revealed that women account for 67% of the workforce in the social and health sectors. In the United States, 80% of the workforce in the health sector is made up of women. And who do they think are 90% of registered nurses?

For some, working in these types of positions as a health worker, where training is minimal and salaries are quite low, is a vocation. Others just want to leave their home and be part of the country's paid workforce. This not only gives them tools, it also makes them earn the respect of their family. Regardless of your motivation, it is a fact that without women, the health sector would collapse.

2. Education

Educational technology, or edtech , facilitates student performance and productivity while promoting ethical study practices. It is an extremely diverse field whose effectiveness depends largely on nurturing individual needs. And everything from digital learning to traditional learning and support systems between one and the other, is all part of the edtech.

And women are interested.

In 2017, according to Crunchbase, only 17% of startups were founded by women. However, some estimate that 30 percent of the founders in edtech are women.

But this is not new. Education has been a profession dominated by women. Even during the 19th century, women used to have leadership positions in schools and throughout the education system.

Given this, women are likely to continue taking more responsibilities in edtech.

3. Recruitment

There is an overwhelming number of women in human resources. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, in 2016 72% of human resources managers were women. Another report published in 2017 by showed an impressive 86% of women leading the human resources field.

So why is there such a large gap in this area?

One theory is that this branch is still known to be dominated by women. That is, since it has always been occupied by women, less men (and more women) are more likely to seek a career in HR. But this is a field dominated by women in which men are showing growing interest.

Another explanation has to do with biology and genetics. Because although the argument that women are “better at educating” may sound lacking in information and sexist, there is enough science to show that women have an advantage over men in matters of emotional intelligence, an essential aspect in the field of resources humans. Women show empathy and interpersonal skills more advanced than men. These skills turn out to be very important when it comes to resolving conflicts, managing people and negotiating contracts.

4. Customer service

All the information that exists on how to provide great customer service seems to focus on certain qualities: empathy, listening skills, patience, problem solving and telephone skills.

And the fact that women are better at this than men is not just a popular opinion. There is scientific research that has revealed that there is much truth in this, however, there is no conclusive evidence explaining whether it is nature or nurture.

One study concluded that the empathy signal of the female brain is more prepared than that of men. A study in 1995 revealed that women are more likely than men to involuntarily imitate the emotional expressions of others. It is believed that this behavior reflects an increase in the activity of “mirror neurons.”

Other studies suggest that rational thoughts have more influence on male brain empathy, and vice versa.

Whether by nature, or by education, women seem to be better than men on the issue of customer service.

So, are there industries that favor certain genres? Probably. And for women entrepreneurs, these four industries are ready to be taken.

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