38,000 people are currently watching a live broadcast on YouTube

VeChain has become significantly more popular in the world of cryptocurrencies. there it was the ultimate goal of the classic Fake AirDrop of cryptocurrencies on YouTube. The live stream, which promises to give away half a billion vocational training brands, had 38,000 viewers at the time of writing.

“Double Your Money”

It is a classic scam that is said to date back to the beginnings of the online video game Rune landscape. You give me a sign, I give you two back. Double your money. Easy. Except for the fact that you never get both chips back.

The version of this dirty train on YouTube involves stealing or setting up a fake channel and continuously playing back old conference pictures along with a QR code that points to a wallet address to which you should send the money.

38,000 people are currently watching a live broadcast on YouTube
38,000 people are currently watching a live broadcast on YouTube

The previous attacks this year took advantage of the popularity and perceived legitimacy of giants like Coinbase and SpaceX, among many others To dismantle Bitcoin from innocent viewers.

According to reports With 38,000 live viewers, VeChain alone seems to have gained some popularity. SpaceX has a brand much more recognizable and only amassed around 80,000 spectators during the fraud.

Naturally, The validity of these numbers cannot be trusted 100%.

Actually multiply your money by five

Many of the Naive cryptocurrency headlines are still complaining about massive Twitter account hack this week performing the same scam, which caused many scammers to improve their game this time.

And they have it upstairs. Instead of the usual “double your money” scam, to viewers who send tokens VET to the screen QR code Your deposit is promised five times more more bonuses for those who send 100,000 or more vocational training (worth approximately $ 1,800).

Also There is a website with information that makes the “gift” appear more authentic. which is updated regularly with Data about suspected transactions inside and outside your wallet.

Too early?

Checking the wallet address in the VeChain browser shows this To date, only three people have submitted funds at the time of this release. Has been deposited Just over 320,000 vocational training and surprisingly no tokens were returned.

That makes Fraudsters steal a disappointing $ 5,800. Although this too should be considered too much.

Who are these people? They always let their ambition outweigh their common sense? And maybe more relevant Why does YouTube allow these scams to continue if Cointelegraph’s live streams are broadcast regularly because they are “harmful content”?

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