3 ways to sell your services at no initial cost

If you are in the world of distance training, here are tips on how to give your offer a twist and add value to collect money.

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3 ways to sell your services at no initial cost
3 ways to sell your services at no initial cost

The creation of Online courses It’s growing fast, but what if you’re not sure what your audience wants or needs right now? You don’t want to put together a lengthy video product just to fail and lose track or become irrelevant in a few months.

As the guidelines for staying at home continue to advance, many entrepreneurs have to pan aggressively and offer virtual iterations of their services and expertise to get cash flow now. A lean product that enables data protection and enables customers to ask questions and provide support can now be sold with minimal accumulation or minimal overhead.

I have spent hundreds of hours enabling virtual programs in different formats. The following three categories provide the highest value for customers and the highest income for you.

A live workshop or a virtual immersion

A live workshop or a virtual event format allows you to deliver value to the same time and energy for many different people at the same time. The added value is that consumers can take their own copy of the record with them for later reference.

As a bonus, you can then sell this recording in a sales sequence as your own product. In essence, you will monetize your content creation efforts. Successful live workshop formats combine one or more of the following components:

  • Instruction. Customers and consumers pay to learn more about your system, their experiences and their personal experiences. Deliver this know-how and keep it short.
  • Implementation. Help the participants to put what they have learned into practice. Instead of leaving your event with new ideas, satisfied customers will leave with changes and updates already implemented.
  • I work in small groups. When you work as a couple, everyone talks and learns. If you use Zoom, you can activate the “Breakdown” function in the advanced settings. This way you can split the conference into several smaller conferences and later merge them all.
  • The defendant’s dock. Train one person while others listen and watch. This format is great for completing time and often generates questions and engagement from other participants.

Run a small group program

In his book Community: The structure of belonging, the author Peter Block He calls small groups “the unit of transformation” because opinions can be heard and group members become stakeholders for the quality of the end product.

Group offers differ from automated online courses in that the other group members are actually part of the product and help create the fulfillment experience in real time. For many consumers, the support and responsibility of like-minded people is a powerful motivator that takes them to the next level.

One of the best programs I invested in was a six-month business coaching program that was very simple: it consisted of a weekly 90-minute conference call, each member’s turn in the dock for 15 years, minutes with the moderator and a group text message on WhatsApp. There were six participants and the program often had a waiting list.

In particular, this program had no content. It was a sleek but effective configuration; Not only did I get the ideas and encouragement I needed every week, I also got to know the challenges and obstacles that other entrepreneurs faced in different places in their company and how to overcome them. It was also more profitable to work with the business coach one on one.

When creating a group program in which members meet monthly or weekly, keep in mind that the quality of the members will result in the program being carried out or interrupted. You may need to make individual enhancements to fill the gaps. Choose the entrepreneurs who want to help each other and your program will generate much more value and perspective.

Offer personal support

One-to-one programs are often the easiest to sell because you can customize your offer and can’t put a promise in a drawer. One-to-one is also a great way to test new iterations or products that you want to explore, because in a beta environment with an open feedback loop, you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Individual offers can take different forms. Popular formats are:

  • Service “made for you”. Your customer essentially outsources work to save time and energy. They also rely on you for your strategic skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Additional support. Do you already have a product or course that people can consume? Consider the one-to-one overlap as an optional additional sale to help buyers implement what they have learned faster and more effectively.
  • Smaller initial commitments. With the economy changing radically, consumers and entrepreneurs are less likely to sign long contracts. Consider creating an iteration of s + of your offer that offers value and short-term benefits.

For many entrepreneurs, the audience they serve has changed in the past three months. Now is the time to optimize your services, explore new offers and create added value for others in a virtual environment with high contact.

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