3 ways to dominate your market

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3 ways to dominate your market
3 ways to dominate your market

My specialty is the development of executives according to the philosophy of Lean Six Sigmain other words “process improvement strategies”.

Now join me on the journey I call “A Story of Two Companies” – One enabled his employees to participate by making improvements that put the customer first. The second created a “not my job” environment by preventing employees from using customers’ first thinking. Now you might be wondering: “How can the customer not come first?”.

Many believe that Lean Six Sigma It is only intended for mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies. That is the first mistake. This management approach is based on the premise of eliminating unnecessary elements and Focus solely on the customer. After a quick look at ReadAs an entrepreneur, you can now see that this philosophy applies to all businesses. Every company works in which practitioners Read they call SIPOC (Suppliers, deliveries, processes, results and customers). Understand this little thought segment Read It opens the door for you to watch the three ways to dominate your market.

How can I hinder?

Known Office XYZ, A dental facility with a small staff of 5-7 people, each with their own role in dealing with patients. I called this center to make an appointment for my mom and they told me they had to check their insurance and they would call again once they got the permits. It was two weeks before I realized I hadn’t heard from anyone about the insurance review. I called the office and asked to speak to the person to call back, who we are going to call Kelly. I was informed that Kelly was out of the office and had been sick for two weeks. My next question was: “Is she the only person checking the insurance?” The answer was yes and then I asked to speak to a manager. They told me Kelly was the manager. Let’s stop here because now we’re stepping into the familiar “Not My Job” hole.

How can I help?

Known Office ABC, a pizza company with a similarly large staff. One night I ordered a pizza. When ordering, I was told my meal would take about 30 minutes. Half an hour on a Friday evening? This company worked very differently from the first. When I was placing my order, something amazing happened and I received a text message: “We’re placing your order. Everything is being fixed right now. The kitchen staff is busy with your order, making sure everything is in order.”

A few minutes later I received this letter: “He is on his way. The driver has left the shop and will be at his location shortly,” followed by “Delivered! Time to eat. It has been my pleasure to serve you.”. And it was within the time promised by the employee.

The “go and see” mentality

These two very different experiences gave me a moment to pause. Knew the company X AND Z. the importance of “Lean Thinking” and the company knew ABC Did you use the Lean Six Sigma philosophy in your operations? Really the leader of the company X AND Z. Have you gone through the process to determine if there are any elements of waste that allow your service to miss the three main components of the customer’s first thought: quality, speed and delivery? What about the company? ABCdid this leader use Gemba’s concept of “go and see” to improve their value stream and get to the point where they asked what their customers value?

By researching the methodology of Lean Six SigmaThe first step is to find the root cause of the waste identified. He then looks for what the customer defines as quality, determines how quickly the item will be received or the service provided, and looks for a suitable shipping method.

Focus on all three strategies Read

You cannot assume that you know what your clientele defines as quality unless you have asked to. In the company X AND Z. It is clear that nobody took the initiative to solicit input through surveys, focus groups or feedback techniques used. The lexicon contains a concept Read called (VOC) voice of the customerr. It just means figuring out what your customers want and are willing to pay. Here you will find the concept of quality.

In the company’s history ABCcan you confirm the quality is hot pizza for your customers including me and the notification of what is happening to their order. How did you experience and implement this in your company? After receiving such good service, I had to call and speak to one of their guides. I was informed that this is how they compete as a clearing agent in the market

The need for speed

Being the fastest in your field has a huge impact on your market. As you can see in the visit to the company is the speed X AND Z. It didn’t matter what they thought was important to customers. Two weeks to review the insurance is not acceptable. By the way, I didn’t mention that upon request I spoke to another person who called me within 24 hours to tell me they didn’t accept the insurance. However, I waited 2 weeks for something that could have saved me from both frustration and anger. Speed ​​and convenience are the main factors in our shopping experience.

The Company ABC embodies the importance of speed. The delivery time stamp was included in every text message I received. Today there are extensive services to ensure that your customers receive items and services quickly. This company has a system that employees use to know the schedules for different sizes, as well as the time extension based on selected ingredients. Have you looked at your speed while maintaining the high quality standard that your customers appreciate?

Why is the shipping method so important to your customers? Is it easy to get your product or service? Delivery in its simplest form corresponds to the way a customer receives your product or service. Simple truth? Delivery of the company X AND Z. it was neither exceptional nor satisfactory. The professionalism of their staff has put the customer in distress and therefore any shipping method they found appropriate has been unsatisfactory. There was no choice between emailing me, texting me, or calling me. Given their performance, I don’t think either of these options would have changed the outcome.

The Company ABC created a shipping method that allowed me to choose how I would like to receive the product. They deliver in their vehicles of course, but I had the option of having them delivered to my door and in a convenient place, ringing the bell and receiving them face to face or without contact, it’s in the trunk and I’ll go out and get it back. This allows the customer to choose an option.

We have just visited two companies: one removed waste and the other contributed to it. What do you do?

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