3 tips for those who want to make a living from play-to-earn (P2E) games, from the experts’ point of view

Making money through play-to-earn (P2E) games on the blockchain has helped fuel several Metaverse gaming projects in 2021 and should fuel this market despite the uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies in 2022. Among the big investors investing millions the startups developing this segment of the game and the small and medium-sized investors trying to profit from the valuation of their crypto assets, there are players who migrate to the ecosystems solely in search of non-fungible rewards Tokens (NFT) and Altcoins.

Migration that awakens dreams and questions for those who want to turn P2E gaming into a career. And live from it. Finally, P2E metaverse game projects, although going full steam ahead despite the market downturn, are still in the maturity phase.which means that those looking to venture into this intriguing but still partially unknown universe should be cautious.

The topic was discussed this Wednesday afternoon during the second panel of the first day of the “biggest free online event on the new era of the digital economy”.which runs until next Friday and is organized by Exam and Future of Money.

3 tips for those who want to make a living from play-to-earn (P2E) games, from the experts’ point of view
3 tips for those who want to make a living from play-to-earn (P2E) games, from the experts’ point of view

The panel, presented by Nicholas Sacchi, responsible for Future of Money, was attended by Dux Games CEO Luiz Octávio Gonçalves Neto and Legacy Agency Founder and CEO Ariel Mondelo Bueno, presenting some aspects of rated P2E games. Which can say a lot to those who want to make a living from gaming.

The first piece of advice can be summed up in the word caution.. Luiz Octavio opened his participation with these words “Today we have a chance for a boy to devote himself to work with games under minimal conditions … and to win, it is the dream of many people. Maybe the content producers and the players are ‘today’s astronauts’.” and was supplemented by Ariel Mondelo, who pointed this out P2E games are still in a “very embryonic stage… Most games that make a lot of money are not even playable in practice, except for a few games.”

Knowing the ways of the market and communities can also help in decision making. For Luiz Octávio, the segment tends to mature with the arrival of new players and P2E needs to evolve into “Play and Win”, arguing that “a lot is happening because there’s a lot available in the market and a lot of money is pouring into it and that of course, the market will change phase”. As for the community, Ariel cautioned against the “education” that should guide player behavior, claiming that it was impossible for a game “to remain sustainable with an overvalued currency.”

Dedicating an hour or two a day and turning P2E games into complementary income, at least in the “embryonic” phase that this market is in, was another of the possibilities that Luiz Octavio listed when choosing “guilds” as an alternative Groups of players led by common goals. Ariel also followed this direction and criticized the projects that promise big wins and end up damaging the sustainability of gaming ecosystems, stressing that “most games only have one product, which is that you buy the doll, the cart or the plane”.. And you click there and make your money. Then, If you only have a gateway, people just buy that, play the game with big whales in the game… more and more withdraw and the game eventually takes action to reduce rewards, burn tokens, burn NFTS, for that person to retire less money… In this process people are not left in the game.

Maintaining the sustainability of gaming ecosystems amid whales and other threats seems to be one of the biggest challenges for gaming in the metaverse, so much so Sky Mavis, developer of Axie Infinity, has just announced a system where users can destroy their Axies and earn rare in-game items.

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