3 steps to generate a value proposition and achieve strategic networking

By networking, you can generate a larger company or project. To do this, however, you need to clearly communicate what makes you unique and different. In this class we will explain how to do it in a simple way.

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3 steps to generate a value proposition and achieve strategic networking
3 steps to generate a value proposition and achieve strategic networking

How can you precisely publicize your company and get your company to take the next step or generate a larger project through networking?

The first step is to create a solid value proposition – clearly identifying what makes you unique and different and what specific market you are helping or adding to the value.

A value proposition is more than a competitive advantage for your company or product and more than a pitch, explains Adrián Gómez, Senior Regional Sales Trainer LATAM We work.

The person responsible for training the sales teams of We work throughout the Latin American region gave a master class in homeschool He shared three easy ways to create a value proposition to help you network.

Who are you talking to?

The specialist recommended creating a standard value proposition that you can then adjust depending on the target group you are addressing and with whom you want to network. There are three broad groups and it is recommended that you first define who you want to speak to. To do this, it is important to know your interlocutor and his priorities.

  • Consumer. It’s the first one you should go to. Are you wondering what it is important to hear from your company? What benefits does your product or service offer you? What attracts you In order to speak to the end user you need to focus on what needs you are meeting and how you are going to do it. You can promote this benefit on social networks or through various digital strategies.
  • Investors. As well as talking about the benefits an end user would have, an investor is more excited when you incorporate passion into your speech. Include the steps you had to take to get to your location, talk about your team, and provide logical information and conclusions that you can confirm on paper.
  • Media. They are your strategic allies helping you grow your business. They care about the scope of your product and where to get it. “In order for your story to be new, passion is an important element and the reason you do what you do. What is the story behind the company, who was your inspiration, why this product and how do you want to promote it, ”explains Gómez.
  • Networking. “”When you’re networking, don’t focus on your project, but on how you can help, ”emphasizes the WeWork specialist.

The empty formula.

Says the serial entrepreneur and author of the book The entrepreneur’s manual, Steve Blank said, “If you can’t easily explain why you exist, none of the following makes sense.”

During the master class, Adrián shared a three-tier formula based on Blank’s method. “You need to be very clear about what your company is doing and how it is doing in order to achieve that ultimate goal.” Answer the following points to build your value proposition based on the empty formula:

  1. We help X.. Who are your customers or end users?
  2. To get Y What needs do you cover? Be specific and limited, especially in the start-up phase.
  3. Z. do What are the steps to resolve the need?

Landing these three points will help you define and state your value proposition.

Weave nets

During the master class, Adrián Gómez talked about networking to seize opportunities and build lasting relationships. It consists of creating, managing and expanding your network of contacts and is an essential tool for growing a business, especially for startups and entrepreneurs who need to gain visibility, secure new businesses or even look for investments.

“The key to strategic networking is to think about what I can contribute and not what I need.”

Adrián Gómez, Senior Regional Sales Trainer LATAM at WeWork.

If you are interested in knowing how to conduct strategic networking in this new reality, the ground rules to conduct it successfully, and the alternatives you will need during this pandemic, we invite you to see the entire class of us homeschool.

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