3 recommendations from Bill Gates to face the coronavirus

The Microsoft founder outlined a three-step plan that can help the United States emerge from this crisis.

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In a column he wrote for The Washington Post , Bill Gates said there is an “open window” for the United States government to fight COVID-19 .

3 recommendations from Bill Gates to face the coronavirus
3 recommendations from Bill Gates to face the coronavirus

The tycoon who had already predicted in a Ted Talk that the next great enemy of the world was a pandemic and not a war, explained that the choice made by world leaders (including themselves) will affect how quickly the number of infected begin to decrease.

After talks with experts through his work at the Gates Foundation , the businessman concluded that the following three steps must be taken:

  1. A consistent national approach that isolates citizens to decrease the spread of viruses. Although many experts have said that this is a necessary measure, some states in the United States have not closed establishments and even established containment actions.

  2. Make COVID-19 tests accessible and frequent. According to Gates, the government has the power to “intensify the evidence.” This also with the aim of identifying volunteers for clinical trials more quickly and knowing with confidence when to return to normal.

  3. A data-driven approach to developing treatments and vaccines. As scientists work, leaders can help not to buzz and not encourage panic buying.

Finally, the founder of the Microsoft company, explains that the key is to develop a vaccine that could even be ready in less than 18 months, but that in order to protect the people of the United States and the world, billions will have to be developed. dose.

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