3 powerful tools for these changing times

We have the strength within us to fight fear and insecurity. Learn how to deal with body, mind and soul.

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3 powerful tools for these changing times
3 powerful tools for these changing times

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I am here to share with three very powerful tools today that will help us survive these changing times. The first tool we have in this three-dimensional world is our body. The second is our mind (our ego). And the third most powerful is our heart. That is our soul.

How can we use these three tools to have the best possible experience in this life, especially in these difficult times like now? Let’s check them out.

1. The body

The body is here to help us experience things that we couldn’t do without a body. The body enables us to hold people’s hands, grab things like an inspiring book or the TV remote control to watch an incredible movie. It enables us to write beautiful emails to loved ones. It enables us to walk, exercise and move even though we are still at home. It enables us to feel and experience things. So it is up to us to decide whether we experience pain or whether we experience incredible sensations and emotions through our body. Let us use it for all the beautiful things that we could not experience without the body.

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2. The mind

We tend to allow the mind or ego to take control of things. However, the soul, the heart must be in command. The mind is here to understand what the soul is saying. Pay attention to what the soul says, and then rationally do what the soul commands in the three-dimensional world.

How do you know whether it is your soul that commands or your ego or the mind that commands? It’s very easy. You have to ask yourself the question, am I negotiating a place of fear or am I negotiating a place of love? If you act from a place of fear, you will know it immediately. So instead you have to observe and identify what the fear is behind it? Deepen, find and resolve this pattern. Not only do you have to do this, you have to ask yourself the question: If you were to act from a place of love, what would you do now?

And be sure that you always let things run through your mind, from a place of love, certainty, truth, powerful, limitless and infinite possibilities. Don’t let your ego confuse you here either. You are in control. With you I mean your conscience, your soul, which is your infinite you. It is not your three-dimensional you that will disappear when we all die. I’m talking about infinity, which is your soul.

3. The soul

You can access the soul by connecting to your heart. If you are connected to your heart, you are connected to your soul, you are connected to the source, you are connected to your infinite power, you are connected to your higher self, you are connected to God, the universe or whatever you want to call it It is important that we use this tool. It’s hard now when there’s so much noise outside, isn’t it? So much external fear and confusion. You really have to learn to completely reject this sound and voice of external confusion and find that internal voice instead. Connect with your inner voice and when you’re connected, all you have to do is ask a question and listen. You ask a question and listen. If you practice this over and over again, you will get clearer answers, faster answers and precise answers, which can be in different forms. They can come through visions, an inner voice, a very strong feeling, or just an inner awareness of what to do next. The four intuitive gifts that we all have.

Use the three tools we have today to get the most out of this life. I promise you it will be a wonderful journey. And remember, it’s a trip, not a destination. I hope this article is useful.

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