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3 podcasts to celebrate LGBTIQ + Pride and Diversity Month

June 26, 2020

These programs are spaces to understand gender, identity, sexuality, human relationships and politics.

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3 podcasts to celebrate LGBTIQ + Pride and Diversity Month3 podcasts to celebrate LGBTIQ + Pride and Diversity Month

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Diversity, inclusion and equality together within the framework of the LGBTIQ + Pride celebrationWe share three recommendations from Podcastswith a description of the authors themselves:

1. The unicorn hunt

It is a space to redefine gender, identity, sexuality, human relationships and politics. It is directed by Chema, Nina, and Fernando, who started this podcast to speak about the revolution of everything that is going on in the community, and about different issues such as culture and LGBT identity in Japan, magic, witchcraft in other ways to understand a little better and to discover feminism, fantasies and pleasure, identity, and they also have a very interesting lesbian special that takes a deep look at the community and the industry, of which very little is said today. In my favorite episode, I’m interviewed, listen to it, and tell the story of how and why I became a drag queen.

By Maxima Bomba, 25, Drag Queen in Mexico City, @maximabomba

It is led by Alex Orué, director of the It Gets Better project in Mexico, an NGO that provides information and support to the community, and cares for girls and boys who come out of the closet and for the rights of LGBT people fight. The podcast covers informative topics, but you can find it on iTunes and Spotify in a very pleasant way. My favorite part is the “Advice” section, which is carried out by Alejandro Castillo, a porn actor from Tampica. It deals with very specific topics in a very entertaining way, gives advice, tips and solves doubts that the members of the community have. I would also like to recommend Random, a program on Reactor 105.7 FM that is hosted by Itzel Aguilar, in which guests from organizations and activists talk to the general public about very fundamental issues of the LGBTI community.

By Rodrigo de Noriega, 30, General Editor at Cool Hunter Mx, @tenordemesones

It is a podcast by Nightvale with original music by Dane Terry, musician and composer, who combines in his live shows a theatricality of dreams or nightmares, in which the protagonist and narrator is himself and calls himself. Each episode gives you a perspective on everything that happens in this strange and wonderful universe. They listen to all the sexual thoughts and impulses that Dane, who is gay, experiences and, in the end, takes an intimate look at his artistic, crazy and dreamy spirit. It’s a gay love story that makes you sad that it ends. My favorite episode is # 6, but you have to listen to them one by one to follow the story. The only challenge to hear it is when you don’t speak English, but it is a podcast that has a nice gay essence that I heard and enjoyed the most during quarantine.

By Juan Manuel Torreblanca, 39, musician and singer-songwriter, @jm_torreblanca