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3 Latin Americans are part of the winning team of the V MIT COVID-19 Challenge LATAM.

June 27, 2020

A Chilean, a Peruvian and a Colombian belong to the winning team of the GmedChain project in competition line C of the hackathon WITH COVID-19 Challenge LATAM.

The event, which took place between June 19 and 21, had around 3,000 participants and 800 mentors looking for innovation initiatives in various areas to address the pandemic problems in Latin America.

The GmedChain proposal was promoted to provide a verification and assurance solution in hospital care and supply chain during the crisis. selected by the jury as the winner in the section on coordinating, distributing and maintaining assets in the healthcare system.

3 Latin Americans are part of the winning team of the V MIT COVID-19 Challenge LATAM.3 Latin Americans are part of the winning team of the V MIT COVID-19 Challenge LATAM.

The winning team consisted of Christian García from Peru, Juan Sánchez from Colombia, Alfonso Prado from Chile, Bohumil Brousek from the Czech Republic and Prateek Monocha from India.

In the official blog of the University of Chile, Alfonso Prado said that he graduated from this university:

“With GMedChain, we want to offer a platform on which hospitals can trust a catalog of verified suppliers and track their purchases safely. I am very satisfied with the excellent work that we have done as a team to win the LATAM WITH COVID19 Challenge. “

GmedChain’s management chain proposes to implement artificial intelligence using blockchain technology to ensure the immutability and tracking of orders and to create a kind of reliable marketplace for suppliers and hospitals so that they can track their purchases safely.

According to Prado The system would allow extrapolation to other important areas of the local economy such as miningThis enables a catalog of verified suppliers and reliable purchasing management via the blockchain.

The times of the pandemic were challenging in terms of logistics, payments, and efficient management of clinical data in one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus, such as the healthcare sector.

In addition to GmedChain’s winning proposal, a bot was also highlighted, which can be integrated into WhatsAPP and via SMS to carry out reviews and controls remotely in cases with patients with chronic diseases.

In addition to a virtual reality-based therapy system certified by psychologists, an online protocol was introduced to identify people who may be at risk of COVID-19 infection.

Technological challenges in times of the pandemic

With an epicenter of the pandemic in the Latin America region, the challenge of using technology in a depressed region and technological inequality compared to other regions is quite a challenge.

The MIT COVID-19 Challenge was a virtual hackathon that tried for 48 hours to bring together the best multidisciplinary teams that joined the call to showcase technological solutions to the crisis with a focus on the Latin America region.

Although the challenge is taking place in different parts of the world, the School of Business Administration and Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has decided this time to give the local chapter the opportunity last June.

Topics such as health system support, protecting the most vulnerable, strengthening the informal economy and preventing disinformation were raised during the 48 hours of the event.

The event was sponsored and sponsored by major companies such as Amazon Web Services, Bayer, IBM and UNESCO, which rewarded the efforts of all participants, particularly the 30 winning projects in the 10 sections that took place during the event.