3 keys to brand success on Amazon

The following is an excerpt from the book Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising by Timothy P. Seward.

When considering the scope of AmazonOne critical fact is hidden from the average consumer: Amazon only makes about half of its sales as its own retailer. As of the third quarter of 2018, 53% of all paid units on the website were sold by outside market vendors.

3 keys to brand success on Amazon
3 keys to brand success on Amazon

Then the company of E-commerce You take half the deck and then split the other half among roughly 2 million sellers competing in your market. If you want to know how to get clearance from either deck, you need to know how the infrastructure for selling on or for Amazon is primarily aimed at brand owners.

Stack your deck

The first step in stacking the sales growth platform in your favor is realizing that consumers are loyal to brands, not retailers or sellers. Resellers make one-time sales. Brands can create loyal customers. Therefore, if your company owns one or more brands, you are already one step ahead.

If you are a reseller of a specific category of products, you can be on your way to building your own brand.

Summer concert season begins in May in our hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. There are so many bands and artists to see. The energy and excitement that comes from listening to your favorite music the original artist plays live while surrounded by friends and neighbors is almost indescribable.

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But for any high performing artist who is very successful at what he does (and is rich for it) there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of musicians struggling, slamming the sidewalk and doing little club gigs with the la hope it to reach.

The same applies to business in general and to brand trading in particular. For every Apple, Staples, Amazon, and Macy’s, there are thousands more companies that are doing well.

When considering the best way to build your brand on Amazon, think carefully about your game plan for optimal success. Here are some key strategies you can use to focus your efforts on even greater business success, whether you’re celebrating your fifth year of business or your 50s.

Key 1: Understand the buyer’s mind

You sell products and services for which you fully understand the mind of the buyer. The better you understand the buyer, his needs or wants, why he is willing to pay good money, what he is buying for, the easier it will be to make good decisions. If you don’t know what they want, write to them until you do.

At ROI Revolution, we are always asking questions in order to better serve our customers, and you should do the same. We ask questions like:

  • Would you recommend us to your friends and colleagues?
  • What about your business that keeps you up at night?
  • What was the specific pain you wanted to address right before hiring us?
  • What made it possible for you to finally trust us?
  • What other marketing services do you need or want?

Think of questions for potential consumers or customers so that you can better meet their needs and wants.

Key 2: You are doing something that you are passionate about

Have you ever studied the tour schedule of a great band or artist? Lubbock, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Lafayette, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Noblesville, Indiana; and it goes on and on as they tour the United States in their tour buses and large trucks. It’s the same performance night after night, the same songs, over and over and over again.

But when your favorite band comes to play, it’s magical, even if it’s the 37th stop on the tour for the artist and audience. It’s like they came to play just for you and your friends. How do they stay fresh?

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In two words: intense enthusiasm. A talented artist mourns the end of the tour. Make sure you are making or selling something that you have or can develop an intense enthusiasm for. And if you already succeed but lose enthusiasm for what you do, you will soon succeed.

Develop and market products for your brand that you really believe in and that inspire you.

Key 3: Build and Promote Your Own Brand

Virtually all artists start out by performing covers of songs by other artists in small clubs. However, do name a large band or artist who makes performing the popular songs of other bands their main repertoire. You can not. Sure, most artists play some songs from other bands, but it’s not their entire storyline.

The same rule applies to products. It’s okay if you start selling other companies’s products but focus on getting to the point where you’re selling your own branded products (i.e., under your own brand or label).

A well-designed Amazon branding strategy does three things:

  1. Control prices and sales (because if you’re selling products to retailers, you will likely find some or all of them on Amazon, even if you don’t contact their company directly E-commerce).
  2. Improve product lists so that your brand is well represented and consumers are fully informed about your offerings.
  3. Accelerate sales (on and off Amazon) with advertising.

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