3 horror audiobooks to keep you entertained this Halloween

Nothing beats horror stories that will spark your imagination. If you want an unbeatable experience, put on your headphones and turn off the lights. You won’t regret it … will you?

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3 horror audiobooks to keep you entertained this Halloween
3 horror audiobooks to keep you entertained this Halloween

Audiobooks are a great alternative to keep you entertained while we stay home this Halloween due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak and more. We offer you three options with which you can let your imagination run wild and inspire you.

1. nightmaresby Mick Garris, Lawrence C. Connolly, Sandra Becerril, and Richard Christian Matheson

How would you describe your worst nightmares? How afraid are you of horror? Let yourself be carried away by these short stories and discover your limits. You won’t find better stories of the genre in Spanish. We promise you two hours that you will not forget.

Listen to a compilation of texts by Richard Christian Matheson, bestselling author of psychological horror stories. Mick Garris, director and screenwriter known for adapting Stephen King novels to films; Lawrence C. Connolly, writer of Echoes and Sandra Becerril, writer of Mashit in Nightmare Cinema and the first Mexican to write for the Masters of Terror in Hollywood.

A horror story in Mexico City? This unpublished novel by Sandra Becerril offers us a complex panorama of interconnected murders. Daniel, a policeman suffering from a near death while fighting a terrible disease, bureaucracy and violence in this city. The protagonist puts his acquaintances to the test and tries to do justice to the criminals. On the flip side, this character has been implicated in the recalcitrant events on a fictional level, as his novels are seen as the perfect guide by the killer who largely enjoys the act of killing.

We can’t recommend anything better to apply your “treasure skin” to.

Edgar Allan Poe He’s a mandatory writer when we talk about terror. in the “The Crimes of the Mortuary” Everything revolves around the brutal murder of Madame l’Espanaye and her daughter Mademoiselle Camilla, a crime committed in an apartment on Carrer Morgue, a popular Parisian street. At first glance, the police investigation seems to be failing, even as the individuals who gave their testimony tried to come up with interesting clues to help clear up this macabre episode, which expectedly didn’t take long to become news.

However, the dire prospects change course as soon as Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin, an amateur detective, begins searching for clues and linking data to uncover this enigma that Adolphe Lebon was the last person to incarcerate the living victims, and so he comes with ingenuity and ingenuity to offer an extraordinary explanation.

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