3 easy ways to finally achieve your goals and be successful

For years I only whispered this secret to my closest friends: “I always wanted to write a book”.

At every opportunity they faithfully reaffirmed my so-called untested literary genius. And I replied with the same big smile and the same naive confirmation. “One day I will!”

3 easy ways to finally achieve your goals and be successful
3 easy ways to finally achieve your goals and be successful

You probably already see the problem with this. “One day” never comes unintentionally. The biggest problem? Instead of writing regularly and clumsily, I waited for a fantastic muse to inspire my creative work.

While wooing the muse in question, I approached my dream by pursuing great visions of months of escapades to write. And of course I bought all the recommended writing books, fancy magazines and famous loose-leaf teas. Because great writers love good tea, don’t they?

I also organized all of my closets, made lots of playlists, and found out how much I enjoy the intricate work of crafting. For too long my dream of writing books has been referenced to “some day”.

Until the day I was comfortably in a hotel room with calm views of the Great Smoky Mountains. The elusive muse finally appeared. There was no fairy dust. No fanfare. Rather, my inspiration came in the form of simple, wise advice that came from my husband’s mouth.

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Probably wondering if he would ever do anything, he kindly reminded me that another year passed. Did I actually want to have a complete book on hand or would I still talk about my idea next year? He was right. Writing my book was just an idea, not a true ambition. I’ve talked about it. Lots. But he never gives it any real measure of importance.

You may not feel like writing a book. Perhaps your goal is to increase your influence or to scale your business, build better relationships, or even take care of your own soul. Desire is a good starting point, however To be successful, these desires must be converted into deliberate goals.

What I am fighting ADHDI don’t work without a plan. I jump into the middle of something impulsively and work in all directions. However, I am persistently determined and have understood my limits a way to force myself to focus.

I set achievable goals. They are not easy and rarely safe, but they are specific goals that I know I can achieve with a little effort. Then, like maintaining a garden, I grow these goals. After carefully planting them, I carefully care for them. Sometimes I have to get rid of the things that don’t belong or that no longer work, but if I want to change the landscape I have to research further.

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A few days after my husband’s suggestion, I wasn’t expecting any more creative spark and just started writing. That’s when I discovered three principles I believe that any target cultivator can grant their desires.

1. We can do anything when we know what we want to do

While positive emotions can be useful components in goal tracking, you shouldn’t rely on them having a clear picture all the time. Sometimes they lie. For this path, it is clarity that protects your determination.

Think about your goals. Take your time and Discover all of your expectations.

What exactly do you want to do? Make it clear Is it realistic and achievable with a little effort? What are the obstacles? How would these obstacles get you away from your goal and what would you have to do to overcome them? What kind of support do you need?

Why is it important to achieve this goal? What is your motivation Why do you want to do that? What impact will it have on your life? What if you don’t? What does success look like? And the failure?

Having a vivid understanding of your goal helps reassure you of knowing both to begin and to continue.

2. The key is in the details

The logistics of goal setting has been discussed for years. We all know the basics – write down your goals, pick an exact date, and post them everywhere. But lurking fears or even distractions tend to intimidate those efforts, and sometimes they throw us off track.

Focus more on to avoid mishaps useful and detailed details. Make a workable plan. You must be ready to join this plan.

Start with the goal and work backwards. Determine which tasks to focus specifically on that make the most sense. Find out what to do and when to do it.

Use systems to stay on course. Create smaller goals on the go. Set clear and regular benchmarks, then stop along the way to see what you’ve accomplished. Celebrate these victories!

3. Don’t give up when you’re wrong

It is hard work to keep our minds in a growth zone when we make mistakes and uncertainties and doubts arise. But the goals we ultimately achieve often come from both hard work and failure.

Grow through these mistakes. Realize what happened and dissect all that can be gleaned from it. What went well Not? What should be done differently?

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This year I finally wrote my book. I also got a publisher and the book got a lot of positive reviews. He even won an award. My mindset was a big factor along the way. You have to believe that you can do it. No matter what. Because any goal you set is useless without an unconditional commitment.

You may be fed up with setting goals only to drop them. But you still long to experience the satisfaction of attaining it. There really is another way. As with growing a garden, sometimes you have to dig before building. Be clear about what you are doing. Make a plan and commit to it. And don’t give up.

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