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3 digital marketing keys so that your website receives more visits

January 29, 2020

The key to attract more visits is to offer quality content.

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3 digital marketing keys so that your website receives more visits3 digital marketing keys so that your website receives more visits

If your website has no visits, it does not exist.

The reasons for each person to be on your site can be very different. Some may be there for a casual issue without this meaning that they have an interest in your brand. However, capturing more visits is a fundamental issue for any digital marketing strategy.

The main reason is very obvious: the more visits you have on your website, the more likely you will have to take different actions to try to achieve your brand's objectives. These may be linked to increase the registration of your leads, increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter or sell more.

On the other hand, as there is no visit, there is not even an opportunity to carry out the relevant actions. But how to get them?

The key to attract more visits is to offer quality content. These contents are not published at random, they are based on a deep knowledge of your Buyer People in which not only demographic data is handled, but also the analysis of their behaviors, interests and behavior of your potential clients.

According to the methodology of Inbound Marketing, it should be the audiences that approach your brand and not you to them with repetitive advertising messages, typical of traditional marketing, which only interrupt the daily life of these people.

The time has come to do everything digitally, so we present three fundamental keys for you to achieve more visits on your website in less than you imagine.

1. Attract through relevant content

Content marketing is the process of creating content in different formats (blogs, ebooks , infographics, videos, social media posts, etc.), to get more visits to your website.

This content creation must be carried out taking into account Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines so that your website appears in the first places of the Google search.

Keep in mind that posts don't always have to be about your brand.

People are looking for information about their problems and potential solutions, so if you create content about this you will surely attract them and eventually sell them your products or services.

2. Let them find you with SEO

SEO is nothing more than the process of making sure your website or blog appears first in Google searches.

To understand SEO it is important that you understand the fundamentals of keywords or keywords , which may have a large search volume or not, but if your article has a lot of information about these words, Google may consider it as relevant content.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about how to lose weight, you should include all the information possible to help users achieve that goal. Always think that the user should find answers to all their questions on the subject.

On the other hand, do not abuse the use of keywords, that is, place them in excess within the article, as Google punishes websites that do not seem natural and does not allow them to rank up.

In addition, you must ensure that the URLs of your pages are simple and short, if possible including the keyword that the content is focused on. Following the example, the URL of the article mentioned above could be “/ how-to-lose-weight”.

Take into account the importance of meta descriptions, which are those descriptions that appear in Google results below the title. They should motivate the user to click and enter your site.

Finally, your website should have an area of ​​links to your core content or those that you consider most important to your users.

3. Spread your website on social networks

According to the Digital 2019 study , at least 45% of the world's population uses social networks. Beyond that, just look around: at least one person will find himself checking his Facebook.

This phenomenon seems not to stop but rather to grow over time. Generations of the future such as Z (which could be your consumers in a while) have Instagram among their favorites and each time this social network is booming.

So another way to increase visits to your website in digital marketing is through social networks . Your brand can easily create a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to reach more customers. Take advantage of them to spread your new content and to attract more people through entertainment.

It is important that you understand that social networks were made to interact, therefore, talk with your followers!

In conclusion, the key is to generate content that is relevant to your audience, optimize it for Google and disseminate it on the platforms where your buyer people are.

There are no magic formulas, but with these keys you will be on the right track in getting more visits on your website and, hopefully, achieving more conversions.

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