2gether starts 2GT tokens on Uniswap

The financial platform 2gether has started the campaign to issue its 2GT token in the decentralized Uniswap protocol, which users can use to buy and sell the token. This was reported by Spain to Cointelegraph in Spanish.

Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether, stated: “We are very pleased with the behavior of the 2GT token when it was launched. In the coming months we will continue to work with important initiatives for the project to improve the knowledge and accessibility of the 2GT on new platforms as well as in the product roadmap for 2021. “

Right from the start, they announced that on March 10, after completing a bounce campaign with 160.2 ethers (ETH) in just seven days, the company listed the token on Uniswap at an introductory price of € 0.05.

2gether starts 2GT tokens on Uniswap
2gether starts 2GT tokens on Uniswap

“The highest peak of activity was concentrated in the first three days and the price of the token reached 9 cents on the first day. In the days that followed, it approached its introductory price and currently remains between 4 and 6 euro cents, ”they noted.

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The 2GT token has been in operation since 2018. “Since then, many users of the app have bought 2GT tokens and many have received incentives to participate in the project. This expected sales pressure at the beginning, which was counteracted by strong demand, especially through the app, ”they emphasized from 2gether.

Then they added that 2GT purchases have multiplied by 10 over the past three months and since the 2GT / ETH pool opened in Uniswap, 100% of the app’s purchases go in the form of purchases or additional ones on the Uniswap exchange Liquidity contributions.

Currently, the token is listed on several cryptocurrency websites such as Coingecko, Live Coin Watch and TradingView, which can be used to monitor all 2GT indices in real time.

How do I work with Uniswap and the 2gether app?

Uniswap is a decentralized switch that uses smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a public and open source protocol. This platform enables tokens to be exchanged for ethers or other tokens.

At Uniswap, users can buy and sell the 2GT token or put liquidity in the 2GT / ETH pool and receive a certain return.

To buy or sell on Uniswap, users are only allowed to access them through links provided by official channels. Then they plug in their wallet. Finally, users simply enter the amount of ETH or 2GT they want to exchange and confirm the transaction in their wallet.

On the other hand, they made it clear from 2gether that customers can withdraw their 2GT or deposit into external wallets in their own app. In addition, all users can follow the price history of the 2GT and buy 2GT through the app.

2GT utility

2gether has been working on the benefits of 2GT since the company was founded in 2016. This year the company will increase the utility of 2GT by introducing “Time 2 Token”, a new service for entrepreneurs, organizations and freelancers who will be able to create their own tokens. The gas for these new services will be the 2GT token.

“”The token is not just a virtual asset, the token is an infinite concept, an instrument that anyone can use to build a business model that encourages all participants to grow and shares the value fairly among everyone. The token is intended to help organizations, companies, public institutions, etc. to manage their own economy, regardless of the type of business, and to meet every need, “emphasized Ferraz.

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