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28m apply for 90,000 Indian railway jobs

March 31, 2018

The world’s 10th largest employer is offering 90,000 positions across the country to prospective engine drivers and other workers.

An extension to the deadline for applications in the last week has resulted in a surge of applications for the positions worth between £200 and £220 per month.

Around nine million are thought to have applied in the last five days as Saturday’s closing date approached.

Indian Railways is the world's tenth largest employer
Image:Indian Railways is the world’s tenth largest employer

Around 26,000 assistant train driver jobs have been advertised along with nearly 63,000 other posts such as porters or metal workers.

Candidates must be between 18 and 31, according to the 57-page application form, must undertake a written or online exam and must prove their identity to prevent fraud.

India is currently facing an employment crisis and getting a job in the huge state-owned firm offers a guaranteed income.

Many positions come with family accommodation.

The application form for the latest recruitment round for Indian Railways
Image:A small part of the application form for the latest recruitment round for Indian Railways

India’s rail network – which manages 75,000 miles of track, employs 1.3 million people and carries 8.2 billion passengers a year – is undergoing a massive modernisation programme to bring it up to date.

Much of the shape of the existing network dates from colonial times, which severely restricts train speeds and reliability.

In 2013, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was campaigning for office, he promised to create 10 million new jobs in India.

In the last hours before the deadline on Saturday, Mr Modi’s BJP party tweeted that a further 20,000 jobs would be available as part of the recruitment round.