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25 migrants, including three children, rescued on a boat in the English Channel

August 28, 2019


A group of 25 migrants, including three children, have been rescued this morning from a ship in trouble in the English Channel, as reported by the Maritime prefecture of La Mancha and the French North Sea on Wednesday.

In a statement, the prefecture has explained that at 4.05 hours it has been alerted by the regional center of surveillance and rescue of a vessel “in difficulty” about 10 kilometers off the coast of Calais, after the migrants themselves had alerted your situation by phone to the emergency service after “an engine breakdown”.

The vessel has been located in a sandbar, with only air evacuation possible, the prefecture explained. A first group of twelve migrants have been evacuated by helicopter at 6.15 hours, while the remaining thirteen “have managed to reach the coast by their own means” at the change of the tide. Everyone is “safe and sound,” according to the statement.

The regional prefect has taken the opportunity to “warn migrants who plan to cross the English Channel, one of the busiest areas in the world and therefore more dangerous for human life.” As the prefecture recalls, 25 percent of the world's maritime traffic navigates through this “sea highway”.

Although it is not very frequent, in recent months the attempts of migrants to arrive by sea from France to the United Kingdom have increased. Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that he will expel all illegal migrants who try to reach the country in this way.

“We will send them back anywhere,” Johnson said in comments to the media after learning about the interception of a boat with immigrants on the southern shores of the country. “The United Kingdom is not a place they can enter when they want, illegally, and violate our codes of conduct,” he said.