23 Sentences To Encourage You To Take Action

Yes, entrepreneurship is not an easy task. These phrases show that nothing is impossible to achieve and that you too can be successful if you become an entrepreneur.

Our readers have posted the most motivating quotes on ’s social networks for those who dare to start their own business. And the list keeps growing! We invite you to read them, analyze them and take the risk of living this entrepreneurial adventure.

  • “Anyone who is afraid of failure is also afraid of success” (Anonymous)
  • “Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure” (Paulo Coehlo)
  • “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary” (Vidal Sassoon)
  • “Failure defeats losers and inspires winners” (Robert Kiyosaki)
  • “When our attitudes exceed our capabilities, even the impossible becomes possible” (Anonymous)
  • “Success is like a train, every day goes by, but if you don’t get on, someone else gets on” (Anonymous)
  • “If you lose sight of your dreams, they won’t come true” (Anonymous)

  • “Success is not the end, failure is not ruin, the courage to continue counts” (Winston Churchill)

  • “The feeling of winning must be greater than the fear of losing” (Robert Kiyosaki)

  • “Wherever there is a successful company, someone has ever made a brave decision” (Peter Drucker)

  • “There are three things in life that cannot be lost: hope, patience and honesty” (Anonymous)

  • “The joy of life consists of always having something to do, loving someone and looking forward to something” (Tomas Chalmers)
  • “Goals are dreams with an expiration date” (Anonymous)
  • “The optimist always has a project, the pessimist an excuse” (Anonymous)
  • “Being the richest man in the cemetery means nothing to me. Going to bed at night knowing that I’ve done something extraordinary is most important to me. “(Steve Jobs)
  • “A true entrepreneur is not a dreamer, he is a doer” (Nolan Bushnell)
  • “A man with a new idea is crazy until the idea is successful” (Mark Twain)
  • “It is possible to change the stars” (Edwin Van den Broeck)
  • “A leader is one who exercises his power with authority and responsibility, the one who seeks the good of the group, not of the individual” (Anonymous)

  • “Two words define the success of an entrepreneur: persistence 80% and innovation 20%” (anonymous)

  • “No man is defeated as long as he does not defeat himself” (Anonymous)

  • “The comfort zone is the zone of those who only watch and applaud, not that of the winners” (Anonymous)
  • “Success is not only achieved with special qualities. It is above all a work of perseverance, method and organization” (J.P. Sergent)
23 Sentences To Encourage You To Take Action
23 Sentences To Encourage You To Take Action

Which sentences inspire you? Share it with us and the business community!

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