22 Google Chrome extensions for crypto theft discovered

A security researcher has discovered 22 other web browser extensions, Google Chrome, that are used to steal cryptocurrencies from its users..

The news broadcaster for cyber security, Naked Security reported on May 8 that Harry Denley, a security researcher specializing in cryptocurrencies, discovered 22 other malicious Google Chrome extensions. The extensions you have discovered They posed as well-known crypto companies like Ledger, KeepKey, MetaMask and Jaxx. The goal is to get users to provide the necessary credentials to access their wallets.

Most phishing enhancements were removed at the time of printing. According to the report Most were withdrawn within 24 hours of Denley reporting it. Cointelegraph contacted Harry Denley, but the investigator did not respond at the time of publication.

Google Chrome extensions are commonly used for phishing

22 Google Chrome extensions for crypto theft discovered
22 Google Chrome extensions for crypto theft discovered

The Google Chrome expansion memory seems to be an important area for cybercriminals who want to steal cryptocurrencies. At the end of April, Google administrators changed the rules for publishing Chrome extensions to make it more difficult for fraudsters to spread malware.

As Cointelegraph reported in mid-April, Google has removed 49 phishing extensions from the Chrome web browser after reports of malicious activity. In early March, the main hardware cryptocurrency wallet maker, Ledger, warned its users about in-store phishing extensions.

Reports in late April indicate that Google has not yet resolved the broader phishing campaign issue on its platforms.. A report suggests that the company’s advertising platform, Google Ads was used to make victims of the phishing clone of a cryptocurrency exchange. The blockchain is now signed, Ripple Labs filed a lawsuit against YouTubeand looked for damage after cryptocurrency fraudsters embodyed it on the platform.

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