21 simple ideas to end up being successful with your company

This article has been translated from our English edition.

This article was written by Rose Leadam for Small Business Saturday in the US, but adapted by the en Español team for El Buen Fin in Mexico.

21 simple ideas to end up being successful with your company
21 simple ideas to end up being successful with your company

It’s difficult for SMEs compete with big companies, but we can take advantage of initiatives like Small Business Saturday in the US and the US Good end in Mexico.

Both initiatives were launched to boost end-of-year trade, give businesses the ability to move inventory before they get holiday goods, and give consumers significant discounts.

Since its inception, El Buen Fin has been a great opportunity for companies to connect with their customers and get a boost in sales before the end of the year and in preparation for the January climb.

With Good End 2017 just around the corner and starting Friday 17th November, it’s important to know how to take advantage of the opportunities. It’s not just about offering discounts during those three days, it’s also about building close relationships with your customers that can be used all year round. Here are 21 simple ideas to get you started.

First the basics

1. Have your website ready

Don’t forget the obvious. Make sure your address and contact details are correct on your website and social networks. You’d be surprised how many SMBs forget to update their data as their business evolves and busy customers don’t waste time tracking you down.

Now, “on the mouse trail”, check your website as if you were a consumer to see that all your offers and promotions are displaying correctly or that your online payment options are working properly. You should do these reviews regularly, and the good ending is your best excuse to do them today.

2. Use free resources

You can register your company for Good End on the official website and get the necessary kit to differentiate it with the event materials. However, you still have time to create banners or posters with the specials that you will have that day.

3. Extend your lessons

If they normally close at 5pm on Saturdays, stay open until 8 or 9pm. Review what’s happening in your area so you can get the most out of pedestrian traffic. If you want to extend your working hours, don’t forget to notify your customers on your website and on your social networks.

4. Make your customer service a priority

Give your team a quick course on how to make a great first impression. Your company’s ability to have great experiences to this end helps you stand out from your competitors and pays off year round. Make “drills” of possible scenarios that you Employee You could face that day (annoying customers, revising, for example) and rehearse how you would solve these cases to get the most of it.

Now think about promotions

5. Plan incentives

Give people a reason to return to your business. You can create a dynamic with customers taking a photo in your store and uploading it to social networks. Run competitions or exchange contact details for free samples.

6. Don’t compete with the big brands

They will be tempted to offer mega discounts like the big commercials, but giving a TV can be a good strategy for Walmart, but not necessarily for you. You can offer very attractive discounts or special offers without taking any action that affects the running of your business.


7. Join forces

Join the companies that you have by your side to give your customers a better reason to visit. For example, you can agree with your neighbors to offer discounts or free chained patterns. Maybe they’ll take you with a voucher for a free sample in the store across the street and vice versa when you buy them.

By teaming up with your neighbors, you will make a simple promotion a memorable one.

8. Invite a local influencer or celebrity

Obviously, not all companies can pay a superstar for promotions, but perhaps you can reach out to a network person to mention your offers. You can also contact local or regional celebrities to at least invite people to visit your city or state.

9. Join online groups associated with the event

Find contact groups on Facebook who support Good End Businesses in your area. Check which hash tags are used in the event and share your activities on social networks.

10. Celebrate other businesses

El Buen Fin is a national event. So don’t be afraid to support other companies that take part in the initiative. It can be as simple as retweeting to show your support. Trust me, these companies will thank you and return the favor.

11. Support local groups

Consumers love to know where their money is going, especially when it’s for a good cause. If you have a veterinary clinic, donate a percentage of your Good End Income to an animal shelter and let your customers know on your communication channels that whatever they buy from you is in some way for a good cause.

12. Don’t let yourself be left behind

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t selling any products. Your services can also participate in the good end. You can offer coupons for a half price service or a free trial. When you join the Buen Fin, you benefit from free marketing of the event.

Reinforce your message

13. Again: Use social networks and Hashtags

Use the past few days to post on your social networks how your company is preparing for the good end to whet the “appetite” of your customers, and don’t forget the hashtags like #BuenFin #Oferta and #Discount on Facebook To use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

14. Update your advertising

Don’t forget to include keywords (words that you would use to search Google for your product or service) on your website. This way you position your page in the first search results.

15. Reward the check in

You can encourage customer visits to your company by asking them to share their location via social media (like Facebook, Yelp or FourSquare) in exchange for free samples or discount coupons.

16. Promotes Selfies

Ask your customers to take and share a selfie of them enjoying your products and tag your company in the mail. Then choose the most creative photo or choose based on the likes and give it a good reward that they can validate over the holiday season. So you have advertising for the data ready.

17. Make your site responsive

According to Kissmetrics, 78% of shopping searches are done on a mobile phone. Therefore, your website needs to be responsive and easy to view from a smartphone.

Make the good ending a great event

18. Kick off!

Why not start the good end with a kick-off event? Invite your customers to your store and offer them free samples, drinks and special discounts for a few hours so that they can really look forward to the sales weekend.

19. Make a momentum

Make the good ending an adventure. You can ask your consumers to go on a “scavenger hunt” to find out about their location and other businesses, and you can give the winner a special prize.

20. Make the happy ending a true tradition

Don’t stick with the efforts of 2017. The happy ending can be an event where your customers wait all year round to buy more than normal. When you become part of the Buen Fin family tradition, you will have customers year round and across generations.

Go to the future

21. Think beyond the good ending

Of course, this weekend is important to increase your sales, but you shouldn’t be left alone with the efforts of these three days. The 20 activities we recommend can be activated at any time of the year. When the good ending is over, analyze what activities and promotions worked for you and why. Most likely, based on your experience in El Buen Fin, you can create an annual strategy to have clients for 12 months.

This article was written by Rose Leadam for Small Business Saturday in the US, but adapted by the en Español team for El Buen Fin in Mexico.

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