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21 Part-Time Business Ideas to Make Extra Money While Studying

September 9, 2020

Making money while studying can not only help you pay your bills but also expand your college experience. Eighty percent of college students in the US even work part-time, which means many students need options to buy books and create résumés while they are still studying. That is why at we have created this gallery of easy ways students can make money while they are still in school, taking into account their busy academic life and lack of capital to start a business.

1. IT support

IT support

21 Part-Time Business Ideas to Make Extra Money While Studying21 Part-Time Business Ideas to Make Extra Money While Studying

Image: bernardbodo | Getty Images

There is never enough support for information technology in schools. If you know what to do if a computer fails, or if the printer doesn’t pull or something goes wrong, working as a tech service can be a very lucrative way to make money.

You can make old-fashioned flyers and distribute them around campus, make business cards, or just tell your friends and colleagues what to do. You can schedule regular “office hours” anywhere on campus or in the library and bill for service or time spent. The salary depends on your location and the industry in which you are moving. However, in the US, technical service can start from $ 15 an hour.

2. Brand ambassadors

Brand ambassador

Image: Maskot | Getty Images

Have you seen these handsome, sociable, and friendly young men giving away products on campus? These people are brand ambassadors and get paid to give things away at parties, events, or in college daily life. Sometimes these jobs involve sales, but it’s a flexible part-time job that can pay $ 16 an hour in the US.

3. Cleaning work

Cleaning services

Image: Jovanmandic | Getty Images

Cleaning jobs can live up to your schedules well and the start-up costs are usually low, especially if you ask your clients to give you the supplies you need to get the job done. Make sure you measure exactly how long you think the cleaning will take (usually longer than you think) and analyze how many rooms there are and what cleaning expectations your customers have before you start. Since you work in a different house, this job is based on trust. If you do a good job, the same customers will refer you to their friends. In the United States, these types of jobs pay anywhere from $ 20 to $ 40 an hour, depending on your location.

You can start offering your services and creating your customer list by creating profiles on websites or special platforms.

4. Move


Image: Chris Ryan | Getty Images

Whether you’re helping other students move or expanding your customers around town, you can earn up to $ 200 per move plus tip (in the US).

However, this job is not for everyone. It requires a lot of physical exertion, including heavy lifting. So you need to be in good shape or have help. However, it’s a flexible job that pays off, so you can join a company that already does or start your own moving company that offers your services orally, on social networks, with flyers, or with a website.

5. Social media assistant

Social Media Assistant

Image: Maskot | Getty Images

The students experience their best moment on social networks and know all the tools that are coming onto the market. Take advantage of this to become an assistant or community manager. The tasks include some strategies and tests. Most of the work, however, is planning content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for brands and businesses using tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck. The salary and title for this job will vary by location and industry. In the US, however, the average salary starts at $ 14 an hour. When searching for these jobs, use words such as “marketing assistant”, “community manager”, “social media expert” or “social media coordinator”.

First, check with your university’s marketing staff and the people who manage job vacancies as they often receive vacancies for these types of positions.

6. Telemarketing


Image: Heldenbilder | Getty Images

Many places need young people who speak and have the determination to sell products over the phone or take surveys or raise funds, starting with your college. Check there first. These jobs usually take place in the afternoon after you’ve finished class and people have already returned from work. Telemarketers can make up to $ 16 an hour in the US.

7. Security guard

security guard

Image: Marc Volk | Getty Images

If you work as a part-time security guard, you can work at a local bar or at events. Either way, you can add it to your class schedule and earn up to $ 15.49 per hour.

8. Personal trainer

Personal fitness trainer

Image: sanjeri | Getty Images

If you have a good body and exercise regularly, why not offer your services to others who could benefit from a personal trainer? You don’t have to be certified to do this. However, once you have certification, you have more credibility with this type of work. The average hourly wage for a part-time personal trainer in the US is $ 18.95.

9. Tutor


Image: PeopleImages | Getty Images

We all have academic strengths. Find out what yours are and use them to teach on the subject, whether it be to other students in the same class or to younger people. If you did very well on your entrance exams, here is another tutoring option for students. The salary depends on where you live and what subjects you will be teaching. In the US, however, the average is $ 18 an hour.

10. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Image: Morsa Images | Getty Images

This job is very good for students because they can customize their timetables to suit their classes. A virtual assistant does a wide range of administrative duties and can include anything from booking trips to organizing calendars, taking notes, transcribing notes, formatting articles for blogs, to researching. The average hourly wage for this position in the United States is $ 15.57.

For them to see your resume, mark all kinds of administrative activities that you have done in other jobs that demonstrate your skills as a person with resources able to manage their time well.

11. Uber drivers

Uber or Lyft drivers

Image: Lyft

If you have a car, driver’s license, and no criminal record, you can apply to be an Uber or Cabify driver. Check the requirements for each of these companies on their website and make sure you meet them, both you and your car.

There are many advantages to this job as it allows you to choose the hours you want to invest and learn a lot about the fashionable places in your city. However, the pay varies widely by company and you need to consider the costs that you will incur such as gasoline, insurance, maintenance, etc.

12. Nanny

Babysitter / nanny

Image: Steve Debenport | Getty Images

If you have previous babysitting experience (or have siblings at home) this can be a great way to make money. Nannies often work nights or weekends, or you can find a part-time job in a daycare center.

Babysitter salaries vary depending on the city they live in. In the US, however, the average is $ 13 an hour.

13. Zookeeper / Walker


Image: Heldenbilder | Getty Images

Whether you want to run, bathe, feed, or just groom puppies, this is a very flexible job that can help you make extra money. Loving animals and being comfortable with them is a basic requirement for this job. In the US, you can earn up to $ 13.79 an hour.

To promote your services, you can create flyers and post them in pet stores, parks, and veterinarians.

14. Organizer


Image: Raj Singh | EyeEm | Getty Images

If you are a very social person who goes to a lot of parties, clubs, and music or sporting events and enjoys socializing with other people, why not use this to your advantage? Local bars and clubs need organizers to talk about the events planned and the best place to do this is in the universities.

Although this work used to be in the field of distributing flyers everywhere, social networks and technology have now made the work a lot easier and the work a lot more digital. You will most likely expect to promote an event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach more students. Wages in the United States start at $ 12.75 an hour.

15. Professional resume writer

Write the résumé

Image: Sitthiphong Thadakun / EyeEm | Getty Images

All college students need a good resume at some point in their life to get an internship job, but not all students understand how to create it or how to optimize and organize information. Use the library or student center to do research on what a good college resume should look like, and search for templates and keywords online.

As a student helping other students, you start out with a low but fair fee. In the United States, they charge between $ 15 and $ 20 per hour invested.

16. Waiter

Restaurant server

Image: 6okean | Getty Images

If you work different shifts in the restaurant industry, you can keep your timetable in mind and make good extra cash considering the base salaries and tips. In the United States, the average salary starts at $ 5.20 an hour plus tip. The work is not easy at all, because you not only have to take orders, but also bring trays of food to the tables, clean them and sometimes stay for a long time to close the premises. However, it’s a great opportunity to learn how to interact with people, learn about customer service, and of course, have an occasional free meal.

17. Delivery man


Image: Peopleimages | Getty Images

All cities need delivery men. You can work for the restaurant industry and have groceries delivered to your home using apps like Postmates or UberEats, or you can join a local restaurant and place orders through Sin Apron. In the US, the average delivery person makes $ 13.40 an hour plus tip.

18. Capturist

Data entry recorder

Image: aiqingwang | Getty Images

Capture jobs can be ideal for students as they can be done from home and with flexible hours. In addition, they do not require any special skills beyond typing quickly and without errors. The average hourly wage in the United States is $ 12.55.

You can check out sites like, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Upwork, The Smart Crowd, Fiverr, Clickworker, and Microworkers for options to do these type of jobs as a freelancer.

19. Transcripts


Image: izusek | Getty Images

Students born with computers are sure to know how to type quickly, a skill required for distance transcription. To equip yourself, you need good headphones, your computer, and a word processor. Salaries vary by industry, but to give you an idea, medical certificates in the US are paid at $ 15.29 an hour.

First, search for “transcription” on sites like Glassdoor or register as a freelancer on sites like TranscribeMe, Go Transcript, and UpWork.

20. Barista


Image: Heldenbilder | Getty Images

Working in a café, be it on site or in a chain like Starbucks, is a matter of course for a student. The schedules are in different shifts, and the barista takes the orders, prepares the drinks, and calculates and sometimes cleans the tables while talking to customers. While it’s not one of the highest paying jobs, you can make up to $ 10 an hour plus tip in the US.

22. Bartender


Image: Skynesher | Getty Images

Being a bartender has its grace, it is a job that requires many skills such as taking multiple orders at the same time, making drinks, and sometimes serving as a psychologist. In general you have to be of legal age to be able to work as a bartender and of course to know how to make cocktails.

Lessons are usually in the afternoon or evening when there are no more classes, but they also last late into the night. In the United States, the average bartender makes $ 6.60 an hour, but to that we need to add the tips that are usually the ones that make everything worthwhile. The upside of this job is that you can meet lots of people, hear fascinating stories, and make incredible connections.

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