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20 websites to calm the fear of your desktop

May 31, 2020

At times like this coronavirus pandemic, routine maintenance can be difficult. These tools help you focus.

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20 websites to calm the fear of your desktop20 websites to calm the fear of your desktop

Many of us are a little nervous these days about the constant news related to the progress of the pandemic Covid-19 coronavirus in the world. In order to, s in Spanish He has gathered a number of resources that can help you calm down without neglecting your own emotional health.

First of all, the most important thing is that nothing replaces professional help. Various institutions offer emotional support to people who feel affected by the earthquake:

  • UNAM opened a free psychological center that answers the phone at 8 a.m. at 6 p.m. Contact: 56 22 22 88.
  • The Mexican Psychoanalytic Association (APM) offers the “I’m with You” program at the Mexico City Health Secretariat centers by phone and at their offices. Contact: 55 96 00 09/55 2107 2490/555217 1255.
  • The Citizens’ Council supports people around the clock who are afraid, scared, stressed, desperate or unable to sleep. Contact: 55 33 55 33.

Peace of mind from the desktop

There are several quaint websites that offer an online alternative for those who want to take two minutes to regain their calm. Some are:

1. Do nothing for two minutes: On this page you will hear the waves of the sea for 120 seconds to regain your strength. The number of stopwatches is reset by moving the mousse.

2. Art on silk: On the website you can create interactive drawings that serve to clarify the mind.

3. Rest: Here you will find stories, sounds and pictures that will help you fall asleep.

4. LoFi Hip Hop Radio: This is a live streaming Chilled Cow YouTube channel that broadcasts background music around the clock for work at home or just for the moment you need a moment Take a rest.

5. Player 2: A great initiative where you can “vomit” all the bad thoughts you drown.

6. Incredibox: It is a platform to mix music.

7. Flower Reaction – a fun game in Flah where you have to make many buttons bloom by chain reactions.

8. Rainy mood: For those who love the sounds of rain, you will find a catalog with storms, blades and currents here.

9. Quiet sound: If you prefer quieter sounds, this catalog offers sounds from ocean waves to gardens in spring.

10. Break something: A page where you can virtually break things. Ideal if you are angry and need to calm down.

11. Hit a man with an eel: As silly as it sounds, this place is ridiculously entertaining and stressful.

12. Flow: An extremely soothing game (actually available for Play Station) that you can enjoy online. The soundtrack is good.

13. Neonflames: Create your own galaxy with this simple but effective game with colored explosions.

14. Simple Noise – This page creates white or background noise when you need to focus or just don’t want to be silent.

15. Improvement button: literally a button that you can use to “fix” everything.

16. Blah Therapy: A simple chat where you can chat with someone if you are interested in the past.

18. 100,000 Stars: This is a star map that shows the closest stars and constellations to Earth.

19. This is sand: With this tool you can create landscapes with colored sand on your computer.

20. WhispersRed ASMR: The famous video blogger makes ASMR videos in which whispering helps you regain your peace of mind and sleep when you’re scared.