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20 tips to use your days off

May 23, 2020

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The Easter Bridge is still to come. We are in this vacation time when life by the pool or by the sea is sweet. Vacation is a luxury for many entrepreneurs that they seldom enjoy. Regardless of whether you work for another person or independently, the time for relaxation is just around the corner.

20 tips to use your days off
20 tips to use your days off

s can make the most of their rest this summer, regardless of whether they focus on rest or reconciling work and private life.

Plan ahead to have time

1. Get up early. Vacation is there for many people to sleep. Schedule morning customer meetings so you can enjoy the rest of your day without worry.

2. Take your time. Take a moment to fix your email or meet customers. If you usually order these blocks in the morning, you can have family plans in the afternoon, depending on your schedule.

3. Watch out for jet lag if you have traveled long distances. Set your body clock as soon as possible by drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol until you have stabilized.

4. Download the free Wi-Fi Finder application to find out where to connect wherever you are. Prevent bad connections from preventing you from speaking to a potential customer.

5. Save your emails in your design folder. If you only send all of your emails in the morning or in the afternoon, you will receive a message that you are unavailable all day.

6. Manage your emails with your smartphone. There are applications like myMail that allow you to manage different email accounts with a single interface.

7. Strengthen your limits by sending a response that you are out of the office. Let people know that you are available, but react slowly.

8. Create a summer calendar and choose the ideal time to rest. Generally, the busiest months are September through January, making August a perfect time for small business owners to take advantage of their free time.

Make a budget for your rest

9. Save money on a two-week vacation throughout the year. For those who own a business, estimate that your entire year will take two weeks away from your income.

10. Consider a vacation in your city. If you live in a city that you haven’t fully explored, dare to discover new restaurants, museums, and new streets.

11. Consider more creative and personal accommodations. Use the HomeAway or Airbnb app for a unique experience.

12. Mix business with pleasure. Studies show that many people hope to stay connected to the office on vacation. Combining your vacation with a business trip can cut costs.

Use technology to your advantage

13. Try using video conferencing. These tools, like Skype, provide entrepreneurs with one-on-one conversations no matter where they are.

14. Buy separate technology for children. Get a cheap laptop or tablet and download games and movies to keep them entertained in the hotel room when you need to attend a meeting or go to work for a moment. However, do not forget that vacation is for families.

15. Find and research locations for your conference calls and online meetings so you can connect with other entrepreneurs with end ideas. When spaces are unavailable, many hotels offer private areas with computers, printers, fax machines, and other resources. If everything else fails, you will find a quiet cafeteria.

16. Use the cloud. With this technology, you can edit documents in real time with the people who stay in the office.

Find creative inspiration anywhere

17. Experience adventure and move your body to make creativity flow.

18. Be a detective during your vacation. Tourism research and development is disguised as an entrepreneur. Take pictures of shops, outlets and packaging.

19. Be curious about things around you. Talk to people in stores you visit to find out what interests them and what inspires them.

20. Use simple and fun tools. One example is Evernote. Use it to save your thoughts, pictures and ideas and share them with colleagues and customers when you are away and after you have returned.

Regardless of whether you enjoy your vacation time, disconnect, or want to continue working while balancing your personal and professional time, entrepreneurship is a marathon. Although entrepreneurs build their businesses, they cement their lives, and vacation can be a great way to add to both.